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Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future

Our Speech on Behalf of The Royal Embassy of the Netherlands at “Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future” event

We are honored and delighted to have participated on behalf of the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens at the online event “Ελλάδα 2021: Παρελθόν+Παρόν=Μέλλον” (Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future), which took place on March 27, 2021. We’d like to thank the Het Griekse Huis in Rotterdam, the co-organizers, the speakers, and the participants for making this day full of intriguing speeches and cultural events.

“Ελλάδα 2021: Παρελθόν+Παρόν=Μέλλον” was organized on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution (1821) by the Het Griekse Huis in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Greek Embassy in the Netherlands, the Dept. and M. Laskaridis Chair of Modern Greek Studies, UvA, the dance group “Kaneloriza” in Rotterdam, and the Amsterdam branch of Ahepa.

The event opened the Ambassador of Greece to the Netherlands, Nicolas Plexidas. Remarkable speakers from the academic field including the University of Amsterdam and the University of Thessaly as well as from the cultural industry such as the Head of Digital Policy and Development at Onassis Foundation comprised the event’s discussion panels.

Clio Muse Tours’ Head of the Content Department, Christina Ntaltagianni was part of the first speaker’s panel with the subject “Ελλάδα & Ολλανδία: Πολιτιστική Διπλωματία στον απόηχο της Ελληνικής Επανάστασης” (Greece & The Netherlands: Cultural Diplomacy following the Greek Revolution). Representing the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens, Mrs. Ntaltagianni talked about the Dutch philhellenic movement, and its beneficial role in the Greek War of Independence until its decline in 1829.

She also had the chance to present a digital tour we’re developing on behalf of the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens and which showcases the rise and fall of the Dutch philhellenic movement.

“At “Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future” event was the first official presentation of a project we’ve been working with the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens for a while now, and we were more than happy to see that it gained acclaim for its insightful information. The fact that some of the historical facts that are part of our digital tour weren’t well-known to a great number of participants, assured us that this digital tour is achieving its aim to create an imaginary bridge between the Netherlands and Greece and emerge less known parts of the two country’s shared history,” says Mrs. Ntaltagianni.

We’re also super excited to announce that this digital tour will be offered for free for educational purposes. This project is addressed to a great part of the Greek and Dutch society including students of different ages. Therefore, it will be distributed via the Embassy’s and the Clio Muse Tours’ official websites and social media channels. This is a historical tour of great importance and we’re honored to make a small part in the preservation and dissemination of history.

A series of talks and cultural events followed. Greece as part of the Ottoman Empire and the Greek Revolution was analyzed from different perspectives by prominent professors such as Vasilis Kolonas and Dimitris Stathakopoulos, a Turkologist and associate of the Center for Turkish and Eurasian Studies at the University of Piraeus, and a lawyer at the Supreme Court.

Finally, the last discussion panel at the “Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future” online event was the “Greeks Towards Innovation” where Clio Muse Tours’ co-founder and CFO, Daphne Tsevreni was invited to join along with other innovative entrepreneurs and professionals of the culture industry including Yiannis Kanellopoulos, founder of Code4thought, Melina Tapranzti, Founder of WiseGreece, Prodromos Tsiavos, Head of Digital Policy and Development at Onassis Foundation and Heracles Papatheodorou, Digital & Innovation Coordinator at Onassis Foundation.

Greeks toward innovation panel at Greece 2021: Past+Present = Future event

We’d like to thank all of the people who joined us and the ones that contacted us after the event for potential partnerships and collaborations. We hope everyone enjoyed this day as much as we did.