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My Internship in Clio Muse

My Journey at Clio Muse

Agrinio. April. School. That’s where everything started. It was time to choose a carrier for our internship! Where to start? How to proceed? When to stop? A lot of questions and a lot of stress too. I was lost! Where am I going; What am I doing? Where to search? And my research begins; cultural institutions, institutions, museums. Until one day, the professor in charge mentions “Clio Muse”. What is that? I searched it around and it won me over. And here I am!

So it was July when the world of Clio, Clio the Muse, opened in front of me. “Clio Muse”, how beautiful it sounds – as beautiful as the people who are part of it. Real smiles, creative, fresh and full of passion,  ideas, and love for culture!

Generally, I’m not a fan of waking up early. My main feeling was sleepiness, but with a lot of coffee and these people for colleagues how can one day go wrong – or any day for that matter? I didn’t know what I could offer and how I could help, but they showed me that way. They believed in me and they trusted me from the first moment. They made me realize that my opinion counts, even if I am an intern, even if I was here to learn.

At Clio Muse, everyone is equal, sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences, creating a unique result. All the parts work as one! They depend on each other and interact with each other. So I was able to be part of the result, and my joy is indescribable! I think it’s hard to forget the days I spent there.

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On this journey, my mentor was my now beloved, Irini. Her tips were my guide and her help was valuable, beside me for every question, but also discussion. That’s how I began to make my first steps timidly. Enriching cultural content, that was it! My studies took shape. Indeed, I was managing culture through technology. Incredible! I have to mention Eugenia, who was the coolest and was always beside me for every question or anything I needed!

And so the days go by and I am more full than yesterday, both of knowledge and experience, and of feelings!

A huge thank you, to everyone, and to each one of them, who didn’t just let me come into their “home”, but they embraced me, loud and true! Among other things, they taught me that “if you believe it, you can do it!” As long as you really want it.

I wrote somewhere that they made me a better person, and that’s the truth! I had been there for two months, but It felt like I’ve been here forever. They accepted me as I was, they showed me, they taught me, they asked me, they heard me and supported me. I feel grateful that I have experienced this with you!


Against the odds, Clio Muse was here to show me how it is to live your dream and do what you love!