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My Internship in Clio Muse

My Internship in Clio Muse

It was May when I signed up for an internship, trying to figure out what I wanted, what I could offer, what would really interest me, whether I have ever been useful?

One day I realized that what I liked was to be able to give what I have and what I know about culture and whatever that includes (theater, museums, art, etc.), being, of course, as professional as possible as a student of higher education. Confused about where to start an internship, I stumbled upon the Clio Muse app!

It was a smart idea and I was interested in it from the first moment since it combines different areas such as programming, history, marketing, and so on. But I still had not understood …What could I offer with a little knowledge of programming, history, and management?

When I spoke to the head of the company I immediately realized a lot, and how much psychological support he gave me, since there was chaos in my head, and of course the questions I had were answered since I was still at the beginning. When they accepted me, I was feeling a lot of emotions; anxiety, joy, nervousness about how it would be and whether I could do it.

My internship started in early July. From the first day they welcomed me with joy and professionalism, I was very shy, I was not talking much, I was blushing!

My work concerned the enrichment of cultural content, that is, the collection of information about various destinations, archaeological sites, local traditions, customs, events, with the purpose of writing blog articles and even publishing various stories. It was exactly what my school reflects.

In general, I did not talk much although all of my associates were professionally impeccable, approachable, laughing, making jokes, being positive, they were trying for the best of the company, and of course any time I had a question or made a mistake, they would immediately help me, which impressed me from the first few days and made me be less strict with myself, more efficient, which is something that does not happen in other companies!

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As the days went by, I was more excited, and I was having an even better time, I was less stressed but always trying not to cause any trouble because I was respecting the time of each of my partners and I always made sure that I did not get in the way of others, I was limiting myself, I was distant, because I did not want to blow smoke up anyone.

The best time was lunch time, although I usually did not go, when I did, I had a great time and laughed a lot. At that moment we would all forget about everything, we would tell jokes, everyone would share their stories, and of course, we would come up with the best ideas during that time.


They treated me as a normal employee, gave me more rights than I expected, and it admittedly surprised me positively since I even participated in the meetings of the company and I could express my ideas, what’s better for a beginner? We could always express our concerns, what was troubling us psychologically and prevented us from being dedicated, whether it was something personal or something completely different.

“I feel so lucky that my first contact took place in such a beautiful and positive environment, understanding how a real work environment should be with people who are cooperative, good, passionate and always there to help you!”

Thanks a lot, Clio Muse for your acceptance and support, you are awesome!