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Meeting the Queen: 7 Reasons why Audio Tours Are Great for Family Travel

Meeting the Queen: 7 Reasons why Audio Tours Are Great for Family Travel

A Queen’s Garden

My passion for history and outdoor adventures recently brought me to the National Garden in Athens. In this green oasis, my daughter and I followed the footsteps of Amalia, the first Queen of Greece.

We did this via the Clio Muse Athens National Garden Tour for Kids A Queen’s Garden. This tour is designed for children 6-15 years old and available in 5 languages. My daughter chose English, and as soon as we put on our earphones we got lost into the world of the young royal.

We traveled back in time, and we felt like Amalia who was counting the palm trees and drank hot chocolate with Otto. We smelled the Ailanthus, looked for a blinking turtle and waltzed through the garden. The audio tour features several videos with music and animal sounds bringing the garden to life.

I learned several facts about Amalia and her relationship with the Athenians. All stories are original and intriguing and proof of much historical research. My daughter loved the peacock and solving the riddle of the kri-kri. But her best story was about Greek mythology.

The storyteller in this Clio Muse Family Tour has a pleasant voice and is easy to understand. We could follow the tour in any order that we wished and spent as much time in the gardens as we wanted to. The audio guide is divided into numbered stories with beautiful graphics, and there is a map with the walking route. Sometimes we listened to a story, stopped the audio and discussed what we had heard. My daughter replayed the stories that she liked most. This excursion was better than YouTube!

I think the freedom to move around while listening to the audio is excellent for children, rather than having to stand in one place to remain close to a guide.