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Lindos, The Love You Haven’t Met Yet

What do you actually know about Lindos?

Have you ever heard that it is the most picturesque town on Rhodes?

If not, you should probably visit Lindos, because it is more than just a pleasant experience. Lindos is situated some 40 km to the south of Rhodes and lies practically in the middle of the eastern part of the island, on a coastal spot highly privileged with marvelous beaches and mesmerizing vistas of the sea.

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©️ Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash 


After having enjoyed the sun, you can keep driving towards Lindos. Traveling to Lindos is rather pleasant, plus you get the chance to enjoy a dive on some of the most famous beaches of Rhodes, like Afandou. If you want something more challenging and have a soft spot for sandy beaches, you should definitely try Tsampika; it is worth it. However, if you feel like making another stop, then the village of Archangelos, which is ahead of you, can soothe your hunger. Make a stop there in one of the many taverns you’ll find and taste a local delish.

Time is passing through, and you need to get going. Keep in mind that your stops need to be brief as Lindos, with its magnificent aura, is awaiting, and you don’t want to make it wait for long. Be ready to go on a fascinating trip into the past blended in its modern aura. Already from afar, the view of the castle of Lindos will make you feel eager to be there. The excitement will have taken over by the time you reach the town’s entrance. The sea breeze you will feel on your skin cooling you down is how the town welcomes you into its vibrant heart. Summertime in Lindos is an experience of a lifetime. Ignore the heat, put on your sunscreen, hat, and shades, and start wandering around the medieval town’s narrow streets. The first thing you notice is the whitewash of almost all houses, their really old layout that travels you to its medieval past, and the pebble mosaics in their courtyards. Then, at nearly every corner of a white house, you can see the deep blue of the sea that “speaks” to your heart. Hurry a bit to get to the acropolis where the rich past of Lindos will unfold before your eyes.

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©️ Photo by 3DVisu on Unsplash


The paved promenade will take you to the archaeological site entrance with some ease. The medieval gateway is promising for what you’ll experience on the summit of the acropolis. Take your ticket and walk up the staircase where those carvings on the bedrock are sheer marvels. Do not let the stairs’ height intimidate you; just look at the curtain that hides their past from your eyes and dive into the town’s beautiful history. The succession of the eras will astonish you, the stories of the people that lived and thrived there will make you fall for Lindos some more, and when at the temple of Athena Lindia, you’ll feel like a faithful visitor of the goddess. Let your eyes wander on the columns, imagine you have reached your supreme goal, and gaze at the blue of the sea at the horizon where it touches the sky. Breathe deeply in the town’s aura, the sea breeze that keeps cooling you down, relieve your earthy worries, and connect to your inner self in this naturally beautiful landscape. Let the thrill from this union be your utter feeling that you will keep dear in your heart.


This is Lindos, an unexpected surprise!


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*Featured photo by Joshua Harkon on Unsplash