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Fotis is a graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He joined the Clio Muse Tours team as an intern and became a Full Stack Web Developer shortly after. His primary role is to oversee the automated booking system and ensure that users get instant access 24/7 to their purchased tours via email and SMS. He also researches and participates in developing projects for museums and other partners and makes improvements to the Clio Muse website. In addition, he is responsible for the connectivity with our partners.

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Imagine this: a journey where every step feels effortless, where the weight on your shoulders is as light as the adventures that await. Welcome to minimalist travel—a thrilling dance between simplicity and exploration. Choose the Right Bag The foundation of minimalist travel begins with selecting the right bag. Opt for a versatile backpack or a […]
February was a short month, but it was packed with travel adventures! Every destination or landmark has an interesting, hilarious, or mysterious story to tell, and we’d like to share with you the most loved of the previous month! 1. Gods and Kings (Athens City Tour: the city of myths) © Patrick on Unsplash The […]
Travel is said to enhance cultural awareness, world, and also self-understanding.  Fotis Kondylis, Junior Software Engineer, seems to agree with this view, as apparent in our travel #smalltalk.     When and where accomplished your last travel?   The last time I traveled was in Italy, specifically to Rome and to Firenze. This was back in March […]
Clio Muse Tours reservation system has been upgraded to automatically serve booking processes of audio tours, virtual tour experiences and skip-the-line tours. Serving the best way possible our customers and ensuring fast connectivity and confirmations to the OTAs we collaborate with, has always been our top priority. The process of automating our reservation system had […]