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7 ways love is celebrated on February 14 around the world!

Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide in honor of Saint Valentine; however, who is this mysterious saint, and why is the celebration honored with such enthusiasm? Although the truth is unclear, there are a few stories about it!

Valentine is claimed to have been a priest who lived in Rome around the third century. When Emperor Claudius II stated that single men were better warriors than those with families and wives, he forbade marriage for young military men.

Valentine protested the injustice committed to young men by executing secret marriages for young couples. When the emperor discovered Valentine’s acts, he ordered the execution of the saint.

The alternative story states that the saint died while assisting Christians to escape from cruel Roman jails where they were tortured. Saint Valentine gradually became so famous that couples worldwide celebrated Valentine’s Day as the day of love.

Let’s have a quick taste of how people celebrate the day of love in 7 countries around the world!


United Kingdom – Sweets and love letters

The most valued Valentine’s Day present is generally homemade pastries and sweets. There is a tradition of preparing a heart-shaped cake and giving it to a loved one. The British do not make extravagant gifts. They buy chocolates, other sweets, valentine’s cards, and soft toys, the most popular of which are teddy bears.

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Anonymous Valentine’s cards are still given, and love confessions are common in British newspapers and local magazines. Flowers are an essential Valentine’s day gift, representing compassion, kindness, and love. The bouquet’s color and quantity have distinct meanings: scarlet roses are handed to a girlfriend or boyfriend, and yellow and white roses are gifted to a friend.


France – Love is everywhere

The first Valentine’s Day card is considered to have been written in 1415, when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent love notes to his wife from prison. And the French town of “Valentine” becomes the focus of romance between the 12th and 14th of February. Beautiful gardens, trees, and residences are covered with love cards and flowers. It is most likely one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions worldwide.

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Japan – Who makes the first move?

On Valentine’s Day, women in Japan make the first move. They offer men presents. The most famous is honmei-choco – handmade chocolate, being a favorite gift. On March 14, one month later, men will reciprocate the gesture, as they show back their appreciation for ladies by giving them white chocolate and other presents. It‘s considered as a ‘reply’ for the gifts they received on Valentine’s day.


Germany – Chocolate Pigs on Valentine’s?

Would you consider it disrespectful if someone offered you a chocolate pig or cartoon on Valentine’s Day? If you lived in Germany, you would not. The pig denotes both good fortune and passion. It’s customary to give pig-themed presents to those you care about. Germans also celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging candles and heart-shaped ginger cookies with love messages inside.


Italy – Love at first sight?

Juno, the Goddess of Women and Marriage, is honored at “La Festa Degli Innamorati” in Italy. Legend has it that the first man a single lady meets on February 14 will become her spouse. It’s customary to offer chocolates to lovers – exquisite chocolate candy with hazelnut or sweet cherry core wrapped in literary remarks.


Mexico – Everybody celebrates love

You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Mexico’s Valentine’s Day love fest. That’s because February 14 is “El Día del Amor y Amistad,” or “Day of Love and Friendship,” when everyone, despite of relationship status, may celebrate with flowers, cards, stuffed animals, and other gifts. If you’re having a romantic dinner in Mexico, don’t be startled if a Mariachi band turns up to accompany you.

Denmark – Guess who wrote the poem

In Denmark, men send anonymous cards, or “joking notes” known as “gaekkebrev,” to women on paper snowflakes. They generally include an amusing poem, and if the woman correctly guesses who wrote it, she receives an Easter egg on Easter Sunday. If she doesn’t, she owes the sender an egg.