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Travel small talk with Nikos

Nikos Zacharioudakis, Content Coordinator, describes himself as a super anxious, impatient, but also a “jester” travel companion.

Enjoy his small talk and get your weekly dose of travel inspiration!


When and where did you last travel?  

It was a very sunny day in Athens, back on January 31st, 2022… Nikos took the plane and traveled all the way to the exotic Berlin to visit his best friend who lives there. The plane landed and it was raining heavily Nikos asked himself, “Is this a sign?” Well, it wasn’t because it never stopped raining there, but the city really paid off with all the flawless activities you could do there! Will definitely be visiting Berlin again soon! Museums, parks, food, MEN! What’s not to like!


How do you describe yourself as a traveler? 

My traveler mood is very much the same as my everyday mood… anxiety mode ON! How to get there, where to go, what to eat, is everyone happy with the place that was picked, do they need anything, etc? Sounds exhausting? IT IS! Therefore, I tend to leave the organizing to some fellow traveler and I take on the jester role. I am there to look good, make everyone feel comfortable, and maybe… nag a little bit cause, you know… a day without some nagging feels incomplete!


What are your 2022 travel goals? 

Summer is upon us and what better place to visit than one of the countless luscious greek islands. This year the menu offers Rodes, the island of the knights! Love me some medieval history! Despite the dense history for anyone that might be interested, the island offers some great cuisine, natural landscapes and of course, flawless shores. August cannot come fast enough! However, since I’m a very European kind of boy, the year will end on a high note in Berlin again! Christmas in Berlin? SIGN ME UP!


Which is your favorite Clio Muse Tour? 

Ask me about quantum physics, it’s gonna be easier to answer! This is like asking you to openly pick favorites between your children, UNFAIR! Well, don’t tell anyone but Cologne City tour just has to be picked. Why you ask? Cause you get everything in such a small bottle. Ancient history – my soft spot, museums – my obsession and a breathtaking Cathedral to leave you speechless for days! There is nothing Cologne doesn’t do right but what really hits home are the city’s spectacular cultural folk customs. Their carnival, their Pride movement, and their painful 19th-century history from which they rose stronger than ever. Inspirational!


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