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top 5 spring destinations

Top 5 places to visit in Spring

Spring is nature’s great awakening, and what better way to celebrate than a self-guided tour to some of the most enchanting destinations? From vibrant tulip fields to historic cobblestone streets, these top five destinations promise a symphony of colors, flavors, and experiences just waiting to be discovered. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Blooms & Beyond

Visit the heart of Amsterdam’s tulip season, where the iconic Keukenhof Gardens await with an explosion of colors. Pedal along the city’s charming canals, explore hidden gems in lively neighborhoods and remember to visit the Flower Market. It is an attraction as it is the only floating flower market in Europe! It has been housed in the exact location since 1862. Standing on houseboats, you will find it on the Singel Canal, between the Muntplein and the Koningsplein.


Barcelona, Spain: Architectural Marvels & Coastal Charms

Barcelona is famous for its architectural wonders and sun-kissed beaches, inviting you to explore its vibrant streets and beautiful sunsets. From the iconic works of Gaudí to the historic Gothic Quarter, spring briz will help to cover all the city’s corners. Get to know the local culture with tapas tastings, soak up the Mediterranean sun on pristine beaches, and dance the night away in bustling plazas. Barcelona awaits, ready to enchant and inspire.


Corfu, Greece: Island Escapes & Ancient Mysteries

Leave the crowds behind and escape to the tranquil paradise of Corfu. You’ll uncover the island’s rich history, from ancient ruins to charming villages in verdant landscapes. A must-see is the Museum of Asian Art, with a collection of more than fifteen thousand artifacts from China, Japan, India, Nepal, Tibet, and the countries of central Asia. After your cultural and historical visits, the weather will be perfect for wandering through olive groves, relaxing on secluded beaches, and savoring the flavors of Greece at family-owned tavernas!


Florence, Italy: Renaissance Romance & Tuscan Treasures

Step into the timeless beauty of Florence, where Renaissance art and architecture await around every corner. Try Tuscan cuisine, admire masterpieces at world-class museums, and lose yourself in the romance of Italy’s cultural heart. In the past, amorous visitors manifested their love by “adorning” the Ponte Vecchio bridge with a padlock bearing their names. Nowadays, you can only spot one or two. Was their love everlasting? We hope so.


Dubrovnik, Croatia: Coastal Charms & Historic Wonders

Dubrovnik beckons with its medieval walls and azure waters, inviting you to explore its ancient streets and breathtaking coastline. This spring will take you on a journey through history, from towering fortresses to sun-drenched beaches. Enjoy the local culture, sample fresh seafood at seaside tavernas, and capture panoramic views from the city’s iconic walls. Dubrovnik is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered.


With mild weather, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace, savoring each moment and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your bags, dust off your camera, and get ready to relax in these top five destinations.