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Digital Timeline for the Public Library of Andritsaina

“The Journey of The Books”: Digital Timeline For The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina

We’re excited to announce that we have launched the first digital timeline adding a new type of product to our portfolio. The “Journey of the Books” digital timeline was designed and developed for The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina, one of the richest libraries in Greece. It is now released and ready to watch on an interactive screen in the library’s main hall and available online for curious book worms from all over the world.

Our collaboration with The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina began in 2019 with the creation of a self-guided audio tour, which presents the library’s valuable collections through 12 selected objects and 50 short audio and text stories available in Greek, English, and French. The aim of this project was to promote the treasures of World Publishing and Printing that adorn the library shelves. Masterpieces of rare publications and manuscripts reveal their origins, while also present the persons that benefited the wider region by creating a cultural beacon for both residents and visitors.


It is worth noting that in less than a year, 8,556 e-viewers downloaded the digital tour and learned about the Library. Though home to a remarkable collection, due to its location at a small village in the Peloponnese, The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina is often overlooked by travelers and locals. Therefore, it is of great significance that over eight thousand people got the opportunity to discover its magnificent collection.

With the motto ‘’the future is digital’’ the provincial Library of Andritsaina has decided to use modern technology tools that will help it expose its unique collections to a wider public. Its decision to develop new platforms and digital means as a key driver for safeguarding its sustainability and increasing audience awareness not only at a national but also at an international level, challenged us to find a digital tool that is suitable to the library’s environment, vision and value.

digital timeline for the Historical Public Library of Andritsaina

The “Journey of the Books” digital timeline

One year after the release of the self-guided audio tour, in communication with the board of the Public Library of Andritsaina, we decided to proceed to the development of a digital timeline.

On behalf of the Library, Clio Muse Tours conceived and produced ‘’The journey of the books’’, a digital interactive timeline map accompanied by images and text with audio that present 33 rare publications part of the collection. Starting from the 16th century, the timeline, follows the books’ journey from the famous European publishing houses to Paris and from here to Andritsaina as part of the Nikolopoulos book collection, and their final installation at current headquarters at the neoclassical building. Along the way, users will also learn facts about the life of the great donor.

digital timeline for the Historical Public Library of Andritsaina

The Historical Library of Andritsaina

The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina is a hidden gem lying at the feet of Lykaion mountain, around four hours from Athens. Its rich collection consists of rare books that come from different parts of the world. They ended up in the quaint village in the Peloponnese from the passionate book collector, Konstantinos Agathofron Nikolopoulos (1786-1841) who even though was based in Paris, in the early 19th century decided to donate his collection of 3,696 rare titles at his father’s birthplace, Andritsaina village.

digital timeline for the Historical Public Library of Andritsaina

The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina also known as ‘’Nikolopoulios’’, was inaugurated in 1879 remains to this day one of the most important libraries in the country. On its shelves, visitors will find rare versions of the early years of printing such as the 1515 Pindar’s ‘’Victory Odes’’ edition and E.Kallianiotis. It also includes an exhibition of plasters casts from the frieze of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius which was donated by the British Museum in 1963, and a historical archive with manuscripts from the Greek Revolution and the post-revolution period.

Follow the “Journey of the Books” in Greek or in French from your own screen here.