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Preserving Heritage, Inspiring Tourism: Clio Muse Tours Role in the Jewish Heritage Project

Jewish heritage is important in European history, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry. Preserving and promoting this heritage is essential to ensure its legacy is not forgotten.

As part of our project, we offered guidance and conducted workshops on writing captivating tours. We took on the task of editing all the tours, including the one crafted explicitly for the Jewish community of Thessaloniki.

During a dedicated workshop, we presented the tour to the community, explaining our selection process and how we conceived the stories. Furthermore, all the tours created as part of this project will be accessible for free through the website and app.

As the project nears completion, an exciting closing event, “Preserving Heritage, Inspiring Tourism: Building on the Europeana – Cultural Routes Collaboration,” is scheduled for 19/06/2023. Let’s see this journey of Clio Muse Tours in the Jewish Heritage Project and explore the value of these tours in raising awareness about vibrant Jewish life and history.


Clio Muse Tour Role in the Jewish Heritage Project

Clio Muse Tours contributed its expertise and passion for innovatively showcasing cultural heritage. Leveraging technological prowess, Clio Muse Tours created free online audio tours that delve into the intricate stories of Jewish heritage across Europe. By harnessing Jewish heritage data on pan-European topics like multiculturalism, persecution, and migration, we crafted one-of-a-kind experiences that invite people from all walks of life to start a virtual journey through time.

  • Duration: 1h 10min
  • Audio available in 5 languages



The Value of Jewish Heritage Tours

jewish heritage tours

These self-guided audio hold an essential value in multiple aspects. Firstly, they shed light on the rich Jewish history and cultural heritage that has thrived across Europe for centuries.

Our primary focus was to dive into the historical trajectory of each community in every city and country. We carefully examined their activities and showcased their flourishing through captivating stories that shed light on the lives of remarkable individuals. By doing so, we aimed to provide a rich and illuminating experience of these communities’ journeys.

Moreover, these tours act as a bridge, fostering understanding and promoting multiculturalism. They also encourage dialogue and appreciation of diverse cultures by highlighting the shared history between Jewish communities and their surrounding societies. They showcase the integral role of Jewish heritage in shaping the tapestry of European identity and the importance of preserving it for future generations.



The Closing Event: Preserving Heritage, Inspiring Tourism: Building on the Europeana – Cultural Routes Collaboration

As the culmination of the Jewish Heritage Project, a closing event of great significance is scheduled for 19/06/2023. “Preserving Heritage, Inspiring Tourism: Building on the Europeana – Cultural Routes Collaboration” aims to celebrate the successful integration of the project.

The event will bring together digital culture and tourism networks to inspire collaborations. The first part will introduce the initiatives and highlight their importance. Participants can join data aggregation, AI, and storytelling workshops in the afternoon.

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