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On a Mission: Maria’s Trip to Knossos

At Clio Muse Tours, we pride ourselves on providing immersive and enriching cultural experiences for our users. As part of our commitment to offering up-to-date and accurate content, our Tour Creation department constantly evaluates and adjusts our tours to reflect any changes in the sites we cover.

The Manager of the Tour Creation department, Maria, recently had a journey to Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion in Crete.
Her mission? To ensure that our tours align seamlessly with the latest adjustments made to these archaeological sites.


The Changing Landscape of Knossos and Heraklion

on a mission marias trip to Knossos

Archaeological sites are dynamic spaces, continually evolving as new discoveries are made and preservation efforts are undertaken. Knossos, one of Crete’s most famous ancient sites, and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, which houses invaluable artifacts from the region’s rich history, were the exception to this rule. As the space arrangements within these sites underwent modifications, certain areas became inaccessible to visitors.


Maria’s Field Trip

Maria set off on an exciting expedition to Knossos and Heraklion to address these changes. Her goal was to experience the sites firsthand, verify the alterations, and gather the necessary information to create an updated version of our tour. Equipped with her expertise and a keen eye for detail, Maria was ready to dive into the depths of ancient Crete.


Exploring Knossos

Arriving at Knossos, Maria was greeted by the awe-inspiring remnants of the Minoan civilization. The ancient palace complex, renowned for its intricate architecture and mythical legends, had undergone space arrangement adjustments to enhance the visitor experience and preserve the site’s integrity. Maria carefully observed the new exhibition format, paying close attention to the altered pathways and restricted areas. Her purpose was to ensure that our travelers could navigate the site smoothly, experiencing the grandeur of Knossos while being informed about the recent changes.

Audio Tours
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Audio available in 5 languages
$ 12,82 per person


Uncovering the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Next on Maria’s itinerary was the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. We were informed that this treasure of ancient artifacts had undergone some changes. She went to cross-check that these changes don’t affect the stories of the tour and the paths the tour gave. By doing so, Maria gained insights that would allow us to provide our travelers with an accurate and captivating audio tour, guiding them through the museum.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Audio available in 5 languages
$ 12,82 per person


Crafting the Revised Tour

Back at our Tour Creation department, Maria, armed with newfound knowledge and experiences, the Tour Creation department began crafting the revised tour for Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. Every adjustment made to the sites was considered, ensuring that the directions of the guided tour aligned seamlessly with the new exhibition formats.

At Clio Muse Tours, we understand the importance of staying current with the ever-changing landscape of archaeological sites. Maria’s journey to Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion allowed us to adapt our tours, ensuring our users have an up-to-date and authentic experience.

By embracing these adjustments, we continue providing a great blend of history, culture, and technology, enabling users to explore past wonders from their devices. Join us on this revised journey through ancient Crete, and let Clio Muse Tours be your virtual gateway to the captivating world of Knossos and Heraklion.