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Fassianos & Chronis | Thirty Years of Friendship

Fassianos & Chronis | Thirty Years of Friendship

Theocharakis Foundation is hosting a fascinating exhibition about the long and fruitful friendship between the painter Alecos Fassianos and the poet Vaggelis Chronis. Once more, Clio Muse is there to guide you with a unique story-telling approach! Aiming to raise cultural awareness by using pioneering technology, we hope to bring our audience closer to the work of two seminal figures of Modern Greek art and Poetry.

Alecos Fassianos is, beyond a doubt, one of the most talented and acclaimed Greek painters. After studying fine arts in Greece, he gained a scholarship and pursued his interest in lithography in France. His artworks have been shown in many countries across the world and through the years he has developed a very personal and distinct style. Meanwhile, his friend, Vangelis Chronis is a significant figure of Greek poetry and has received numerous prizes and recognition for his poetic work. Both Chronis and Fassianos have been influenced by each other and drawn inspiration from common themes.

The importance of the exhibition lies not only on the unique pieces of art, which are presented, but on the way they interact with each other as well. It is said that ‘‘a picture is worth a thousand words’’ as it communicates the same message but more intensely. For me, pictures and words complete each other in a most unique way. The result of this interplay between images and words, is a powerful storytelling which invites the viewers/ readers to participate arousing their imagination and emotions.

Visiting this special exhibition is a way to embrace two different types of art and an enduring friendship that has lasted over thirty years. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Check out the free audio tour for the exhibition here.