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6 Greek Autumn Getaways

Autumn; some consider it the most beautiful season of the year.  The colors accompany the pallet of the earth and the landscape becomes magical! With the rain for companionship and the singing of birds for music, nature draws and captures whoever knows how to observe it.

At this time, the weather in Greece creates an idyllic setting for holidays that will remain unforgettable. The climate is sweet and the unique sun of autumn makes it even better, with a pleasant breeze for companionship.

We’ve picked 6 top autumn greek getaways that look at their best in autumn!

1. Gytheio

Gytheio, the island of the Peloponnese as it is called, is located in eastern Mani and is beautiful! Colorful neoclassical and traditional taverns make up a magnificent landscape. Its great asset is the beach, where you can enjoy your walk as the sun goes down and be enchanted. Also remarkable is the ancient theater located just outside Gytheio and is a cultural space of the area. One of our tours can be your companion to your trip, to enjoy the “European Gytheio” from a different perspective, check here.
Tip: It is said that Gytheio means “Earth of the gods”.

2. Mani

The plot of the stone takes place in Mani. Stone-built buildings, carved from the ground and local craftsmen, make up a fairy-tale-like setting. A wild landscape that exudes power and romance – it feels like the knights will come out to enjoy the picturesque settlements with you. If you are fond of nature, do not forget to visit the region’s must: Cave Diros will amaze you, stalactites and stalagmites in various sizes make the visit a unique experience. Of the most beautiful lakeside trails in the world makes you live a dream.
Tip: Here you can find routes for the most beautiful spots of Mani, but also stories that will surprise you.

3. Ioannina

It is your chance to get to know the roots of the spiritual tradition of Epirus! For starters, you can take a tour of the ancient theaters of Epirus that you will find here. You will end up in Ioannina and you will be able to enjoy it, as in the autumn they look magnificent. One of the most beautiful spots in the city is Lake Pamvotis, which in autumn looks like glass and creates a landscape made out of a movie! Enjoy your walk there, relax and indulge in the scenic landscape. Don’t miss a visit to the historic center of Ioannina, which has unique sights.

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4. Preveza

Preveza, the island of Epirus, awaits you for a special autumn holiday! Here, you will find several important and interesting information about the “island”, which will make your trip a little more enjoyable. Colorful picturesque houses, beautiful little shops and taverns with delicious shrimp and mullet make the landscape really look like an island. If you want to leave the bustle and relax, it’s the ideal destination. Do not forget to visit Seitan Pazar and the Venetian clock tower with the sundial. In Preveza you will find the house, but also the bust of the most melancholic and lyric poet, Karyotakis.

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5. Evrytania

Mountains and rivers between tall trees full of colors invite you to admire them! A landscape out of an autumn painting awaits you to capture it and become one with nature. The unique attraction is the Pantavrexi gorge, with its fantastic waterfalls dominating. Karpenissi, the capital of the prefecture, stands out with paved roads and its amphitheatrical layout. Trips in the greenery lead you to destinations that you cannot even imagine.

6. Nafpaktos

Sea or mountain? You do not know what to choose? Nafpaktos combines both of them! Somewhere between the Venetian castle, in the beautiful alleys and the Cervantes Park, time seems to have stopped. The central square impresses, with the plane trees being the stars and the traditional shops following, completing a picturesque landscape. Oh! And do not forget, in October, spectacular events take place in the memory of the naval battle of Nafpaktos. Do not miss them!

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Autumn is the ideal season for relaxing holidays. Nature transforms into a painting that becomes alive in front of you! Take a break from your everyday life, find your personal paradise and go even for a weekend, on your own!

P.S.: A hot, good smelling coffee and a good book to keep you company is necessary.