From Plaka to the Acropolis

Athens, Greece

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A self-guided audio tour that will take you from the picturesque district of Plaka to the summit of the Acropolis. This is an unmissable route that will allow you to discover the real Athens and we will be with you every step of the way, like we would with our closest friends. Let us reveal to you the city we have grown to know and love through its history and mythology, its monuments, its hidden nooks and much more…

The tour starts with the picturesque Plaka. Known for its steep steps and neo-classical buildings, Plaka is effortlessly charming. However, behind its picture-perfect image and reputation, there are many more secrets to be unearthed and we are ready to reveal some.

We guide you afterwards to Anafiotika. This charming neighbourhood is one of the lesser known in Athens and is located at the base of the Acropolis hill. Its whitewashed houses and paved streets will immediately transport you to your favourite Cycladic island.

Then we will reach the Acropolis, this legendary hill. We will tell you all about the history of course, but also mythology, architecture and so on.

You are free to enter or not in the archeological site. Whatever you decide, we give you explanations about all the buildings that you can find on the Acropolis hill.

Then the tour ends at the Acropolis museum, an ultra-modern building considered to be a feat of modern architecture. There, again you can choose to visit the museum. Another option is to go up to the cafe (free entrance) where you can enjoy un incredible view to the Acropolis.


  • The sacred hill

    1. The sacred hill

    The infamous rock of the Acropolis which hosts the renowned Parthenon used to be famous for another reason. Actually, this was the temple which was opposite the Parthenon that ancient Greeks considered to be the sacred one.
  • Myths and facts about the Acropolis

    2. Myths and facts about the Acropolis

    The Acropolis has been immortalized through the years as the perennial symbol of Greece. Nothing about its standing today would give away the tumultuous past it has endured over the years.
  • Areopagus Hill

    3. Areopagus Hill

    Areopagus hill is a mythical place with a rich history. Located at the base of the Acropolis this is where the apostle Paul delivered his first sermon and converted Athenians to the ‘new religion’ of Christianity.

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Vivre Athènes

We are two French women living in Athens who decided to create a website VivreAthè,  which would allow us to share the authentic version of Greece and Athens that we love. We put this tour together as a way to experience the city.

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Starting point Wind Tower in Plaka, Athens
Finishing point Museum of Acropolis
Areas Plaka, Anafiotika, March Hill, Acropolis
Opening hours 8:00 - 18:00
Recommended visiting hours 08.00 - 18.00
Additional admission Optional : tickets to the Acropolis and Acropolis museum

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