On the prowl: the cats of Athens tour

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On the prowl: the cats of Athens tour

$ 8,55 per person

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A fascinating self-guided walking audio tour for Athens’ cats with credible & original stories written by top local professionals. Take your tour now & enjoy it instantly on your smartphone device.

There are many guidebooks and tours available on Athens, covering many known and unknown aspects of the city’s history and culture. On the prowl – The cats of Athens presents something unique: a tour based on, and dedicated to, the beautiful cats of Athens. Regal or common, spotless or scruffy, friendly or haughty, Athenian cats form an indispensable part of the urban environment and proudly occupy all the local monuments. In contrast to most traditional guided tours that tend to focus on the ancient temples, the medieval churches and the neoclassical jewels of this city, the tour “On the prowl – The cats of Athens” focuses on these felines and highlights the almost mythical stories of their arrival and gradual domination in Athens.

This trip down memory lane begins at one of Athens’ most picturesque spots. Anafiotika is an island in the heart of Athens with narrow lanes and tiny whitewashed houses clinging to the rocks. Ancient Athenian households and markets were full of dogs, grasshoppers, crickets, hedgehogs or monkeys who served as pets. You were more likely to come across a cheetah than a cat in downtown Athens.

As you make your way through the Plaka district, take time and introduce yourself to the city’s adventurous feline residents who enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Ancient Agora. Was Aristotle right when he claimed that cats are particularly lascivious because they instigate the sexual act by inviting the male? The answer may lie among the ruins of the Roman Agora, frequented by “Little Cats” and “Kittens” (Felicla, Felicula, and Cattula were popular female names back in the Roman days). The remains of the Byzantine church, visible beneath the foundations of the mosque in the Roman Agora, reverberate with the calls of Mechlempe’s descendants. He was the imperial Byzantine cat and lived a life of luxury as he ate from gold plates. During the Ottoman period, cats were the subjects of as much adoration as in the time of the pharaohs. The ruins of the madrasa remain a favorite feline haunt in memory of that relationship.

Audio Preview

Not your average cat

Some aristocratic homes in ancient Athens were not satisfied with a regular cat as a pet. The scions of the wealthier families demonstrated rather exotic preferences and some young men walked the streets of Athens holding a small leopard or even a cheetah. The detailed depictions on ancient pottery prove almost beyond doubt that the artists had seen these felines up close. It would not have been impossible since the cheetah is considered the easiest of the wild cats to tame. Once tamed, a person can approach the cheetah and pet it; the usual reaction is either complete indifference or a loud purr.

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The location


Plaka Anafiotika

Starting point

Gate Medrese, Pelopida, Athens


Plaka, Roman Agora

Important information

Opening hours

Anytime. Please note, thought, that cats tend to be more active as night approaches. We also recommend you bring a nice treat with you, to entice the more hesitant ones to approach and share their stories with you.

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Rating: 3.8/5 3.8/5 (5)
  1. Andrea

    There’s something very relaxing about listening to colourful tales while you admire marvellous views and monuments. It’s rather like being told a bedtime story. Hilly Anafiotika, with its calming Greek island ambience and tiny, whitewashed homes clinging to rocks—and yes, many cute cats—was the most enjoyable part of the route.

  2. Andrea

    It’s a quirky, self-guided audio tour that presents stories and legends about Athens’ four-legged residents while you explore five scenic corners of Plaka. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Eva

    A nice tour and a lot of cats! This is a self guided audio tour. You need your headphones and i would recommend to bring a power bank!! The surroundings and views were beautiful and there were lots of cats! I brought some cat treats. Most of the cats were shy and distant but when I gave them cat treats i was able to pet most of them!

  4. Andrea
  5. Andrea

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