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The innovation behind PLUGGY Pins: A powerful platform

Clio Muse participated in the EU-funded project PLUGGY, which was successfully completed in 2019. Our innovation behind PLUGGY Pins with the title “Online web-based Creation and Access for cultural digital tours using geolocation information of cultural assets” was short-listed in the ‘Women-led Innovation’ prize category of this year’s Innovation Radar 2020 Prize of the European Commission. Here are the vision, the development and the goal of this project.

The Western world has entered an era that the boundaries between producers and consumers are getting blurred day by day. Social media serve as platforms that enable everyone to easily create and share information, opinions and educational material. Moreover, nowadays new forms of art such as visual arts or street art are considered as cultural as heritage. Citizen participation has become an ethical obligation and a political necessity. It revitalizes society, strengthens democracy and creates governance that can renew the conditions for “living together.”

PLUGGY developed a heritage-centric social platform that focuses on promoting local cultural heritage. It offers users the ability to create stories that include written and visual content and then transform them into experiences through state-of-the-art smartphones and web applications. Developed in a way that resembles the familiar social media platforms, PLUGGY allows users to share their stories while also giving them the opportunity to build upon the existing ones.

Clio Muse P.C focused on the development of a self-guided tour suite, which enables non-expert users to create and share their own geolocated tours giving access to a wide audience to experience the tour through the platform. The platform called, PLUGGY Pins, is addressed to anyone interested in cultural heritage. Travelers, students, bloggers, teachers, museum curators, historians and archaeologists have the opportunity to create and curate their own content, find valuable material and share their own stories.

Through the further development of PLUGGY Pins, culture creators and IT companies can seize this market opportunity. PLUGGY Pins enables local communities to create experiences of the global cultural heritage for a worldwide audience.