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A trip to Italy

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a Trip to Italy

Most of the time, people merely follow other tourists and copy the itinerary that many of them adopt. Multiple destinations in the world like Australia, Dubai, Greece, Philippines, and Thailand, are so popular that people visit them following the crowd. That’s where one can commit the biggest mistake. They just hit the famous places, eat the globally known food, and follow the same travel routes all the others have been doing so far. However, traveling is all about exploring. You might discover a new road to the final destination, strike on a couple of unfamiliar spots, or find some excellent food varieties.

Italy is a country where you find something new in every corner. Online research will show you exactly where to go, what to see, and how to reach it, but not about the mistakes travelers do while planning to do all this. In this article, we’ll talk about the mistakes people make while planning their trip to Italy and how they can be avoided. An ideal way to travel with less fuss is to equip your rented vehicle with a roof rack basket.

Can you travel to Italy at the moment?

You would think that Italy is an easy-going country because of its commercial popularity. However, there are some factors you should take care of while planning the Italy excursion; after all, Italy just lifted its lockdown nearly a month ago. Italy allowed the 26 other country members of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican city tourists to enter after 3rd June 2020. These tips apply to each of you equally regardless of whether you are a beginner or a travel expert.

Omit booking skip-the-line tickets

For most of the famous Italian places, be it a church, museum, or any other historical monument, they have the ‘skip-the-line’ tickets for globetrotters. The Vatican Museum, The Rome Colosseum, The Uffizi Gallery, The Doge’s Palace, and Michelangelo’s David are a few places in Italy, offering skip-the-line tickets. Only a geek would stand for two hours in a line instead of having pre-booked tickets in hand for visiting tourist attractions. You should pre-book tickets online while planning a trip to Italy post-lockdown. You will be safe. Plus, you will save a lot of time. Also, by not standing in the long queues for tickets, you can practice social distancing precisely.

Uffizi Museum  in Florence Italy
Uffizi Museum in Italy / Michelle Maria / Wikimedia Commons

Rome Is Not The Only Place In Italy

Those who do not research thoroughly, find Rome the only fascinating place to visit in Italy. If you have less time to spend on your Italy Trip, spare only 2-3 days for roaming in Rome. Have a quick 2-day tour, know the culture, and head towards other destinations. Using 5-7 days in Rome will make you run short on doing some other marvelous things in Italy. For tourists, Rome is quite a fascinating place, but it is not a deal to seal for quite a long time. Spend one day visiting Rome’s best attractions, and then leisure the city the next day. Also, if you are planning to visit Italy, the recent decree says that Italy will be open to traveling after 3rd June 2020. The further guidelines to welcome you in Italy depends on what country you belong to.

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Talk with Italians only in English

In a touristy place like Italy, people speak a common language – English, to serve the tourists. It does not mean that you can skip learning a little Italian. Perhaps Italians will appreciate it if you greet them with terms like Good Morning, Good Evening, or Good Night in their language. A thank you in their language will make a much more significant impact than in the language of yours. Also, avoiding this mistake can take you out of some dangerous situations too. Speaking Italian in an accent can make you look like one of them and not a tourist.

Stuff your trip Schedule with too much to do

People having limited time for a holiday often over-schedule travel itinerary with many places. They not only end up tiresome but also suffocate themselves on a short trip with a lot to see and visit. Cramming too many places at once will ruin your entire Italian trip experience. While planning an Italian trip, do not pack too much for you to handle it. Leave some space to rest and limit the number of places to visit every day in Italy. You will be relaxed and would not hustle around doing more if you follow easy ways of packing. When planning a trip to Italian cities and towns post-pandemic, try to take care of all safety measures and hygiene measures.

la so vk4vjTNVrTg unsplash
Travel to Italy / La So / Unsplash

Booking a package tour to Italy

For one who honestly wants to feel the piece by piece of Italy trip must give up the idea of traveling on a package tour. Besides a crowd of more than a minimum of twenty people visiting a destination at a time, there is no use of visiting Italy. With such a huge count, you will compromise eating at pathetic restaurants, giving reservations to such a sizable group. It is better to go in small groups of 4 or 5, finding new fellows of similar interests in Italy, instead of herding along with the mass. This way, you can see Italy more authentically and carefully.

Overlook the less tourist places

It is okay if you focus on the traveler hotspots like Vatican City in Rome or Venice’s Canals. Still, the fact that most of the tourists fail to visit other places makes the Italian trip experience fall apart. When planning a trip to Italy, people make a massive mistake by including only the famous destinations and nothing else. For example, they will plan to visit Florence. After visiting the historical center in town, most tourists will soak in the seawaters. Don’t include a place that you’ve not researched about. That’s because the pandemic has left many aftermath effects that you might be unaware of.

Go off the beaten path in Italy
Go off the beaten path in Italy / Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

Definitely, with the constant threat of the outbreak, travelers afraid of risking their lives in a country that’s amid the top five worst-hit coronavirus countries. With these tips to avoid while thinking of a trip to Italy, you can surely come up with a better and safe plan. Research well, know everything, travel safely, and make sure you follow Italy’s Covid-19 protocols.