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4 facts only locals know about the Peak in Hong Kong

Imagine you are planning a trip to visit Hong Kong. Victoria Peak will definitely be on the top of the list, no matter how long it is and the purpose. Densely packed skyscrapers, colorful match boxes of residential complexes, and the vibrant Victoria Harbor, embellished with breathtaking landscapes, this astounding view from the highest hill on Hong Kong Island is like nowhere else. To believe that the unbeatable view is the only thing the Peak has to offer is an understatement. Tourists flock to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline, but most leave without realizing what they have missed. Here are 4 facts only locals know: hidden gems for visitors to discover. 

Let’s spare more time for your next Peak visit!  


1. There are plenty of free viewpoints.

The paid viewing platform in Peak Tower is excellent, with perhaps the best panoramic view of the city. However, if you are on a budget or would like to see the city from different angles, there are several free viewpoints available in the area that are worth exploring. The most convenient one is just a step away from Peak Tower. The Lion’s Pavilion provides great views and traditional Chinese architecture to admire. Locals also love to stroll along Lugard Road for the amazing views emerging from the shadows of the trees.   


2. It’s a time machine that goes back to the colonial era. 

Riding on the 130 years old Peak Tram takes you on the journey of the time machine. While the colonial footprint is fading in this fast-paced city, the Peak area preserves some of the most important witnesses from British times. You can then visit the garden on the Governor’s summer residence site, enjoy coffee with a view in a restaurant originally a sedan chair shelter, and admire historical mansions that are now prestigious homes.  


3. The best picnic spot can be found here. 

Most tourists only make brief visits to the Peak for the view. On the contrary, locals spend long afternoons on the lawn away from the core to enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful Victoria Peak Garden. The green spaces are located where the Governor’s residence was, about a 20-minute walk from the tram station. It is often rated as the best picnic spot in the city.  


4. The Peak is the starting point of a 50km nature trail.

The wonderful nature of Hong Kong is often easily overlooked. The extensive network of hiking trails spread all over the hilly city provides an incredible variety of nature and landscape for hikers to experience. Among the four long-distance hiking trails, a 50km Hong Kong Trail stretches across all five country parks on Hong Kong Island and starts from the Peak. You can also choose to do a leisure Peak Circle Walk in less than 2 hours to take a glimpse of the lesser-known beauty of the metropolis. Spotting the indigenous flora on the way following information boards will be a fun activity for families and nature lovers. 




©️ Main photo: Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash