The mysteries of ancient Troy self-guided Virtual Experience

The mysteries of ancient Troy self-guided Virtual Experience

$ 13,89 per person

  • Self-guided audio tour
    Follow the story at your own pace
The mysteries of ancient Troy self-guided Virtual Experience

$ 13,89 per person

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  • 1h 20min
  • 79 stories
  • 16 stops

Experience the ancient Troy from the comfort of your home with an engaging self-guided virtual tour narrated in English, from your PC or smartphone browser. It’s so simple! You will receive an email with the tour link and instructions, and in a couple of minutes, you will travel back in time and enjoy a virtual journey from the comfort of your couch!

Through the power of storytelling combined with street and satellite views, you will discover not only historical facts but also unknown stories and tales of ancient and modern times that will amaze your family and friends. The tour’s content is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief intriguing stories that will make your virtual visit both engaging and informative. The tour is only available online and you can access it repeatedly anytime.

This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the mysteries of ancient Troy and immerse yourself in the surroundings/exhibits in an entirely innovative way.


Audio Preview

The Trojan Horse Enigma

Of all the things that the Greeks could leave behind them to deceive their enemies, why a horse? There are many interpretations, the most straightforward being that the horse was the emblem of Troy. Another speculation is that the horse was a battering ram, a device that was often covered with wet horse hides to be protected from fire. The horse could also be a ship, as ships were called sea-horses, a term encountered in the Odyssey. Yet, another theory states that the Trojan Horse did not exist in any material form but was a metaphor for an earthquake that destroyed the walls of Troy. This speculation is supported by the fact that Poseidon, who favored the Greeks, was not only the master of the seas but the god of earthquakes and horses too.

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Virtual Self-guided Tour for Troy with satellite & street views
  • Audio content with engaging & original stories in English


  • Live Guide
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Offline access

Mandatory items

Desktop, Laptop or smartphone device, Internet connection
  • Desktop, laptop or smartphone device
  • Internet connection

The location


Trojan horse:  A replica of Homeric Trojan horse welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the archaeological site. According to Homer, the Greeks conquered the city of Troy after 10 years of battles thanks to a wooden horse. Find out the story of the most powerful secret weapon.

Schliemann’s trench: Heinrich Schliemann is considered the excavator of ancient Troy. You enter the core of Schliemann’s excavations where you can see the 9 different levels of the city’s occupation and find out that Troy was not abandoned after the Trojan War and turned out to become a Roman city. 

Walls of Troy II: In these walls identified as the ancient Scaean Gate of Homeric city, Achilles, the greatest of all the Greeks warriors and the hero of the Trojan war, died from Paris’s arrow. In that same area, Schliemann discovered the famous and prestigious King Priam’s treasure.

Important information

Know before you book

  • This is a virtual tour for Troy that you can take from the comfort of your home and feel like you were there
  • No live guide or meeting point required
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your tour via a link. Check your spam folder as well
  • No special equipment is needed (i.e. special glasses). However, earphones or headphones are highly recommended to enjoy the experience
  • This product can be accessed from any web browser and requires internet connection. The tour is available only online. The virtual tour doesn’t require a visit to the site/venue

Cancellation Policy: This product cannot be refunded once activated.


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