Seville Cathedral: The Gothic Wonder

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Seville Cathedral: The Gothic Wonder

$ 12,82 per person

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  • 1h 20min
  • 56 stories
  • 1.5km distance
  • 16 stops

Upon seeing the gargantuan Seville cathedral, one cannot help but marvel at its sheer size and beauty. Constructed as a symbol of the triumph of Christianity over the Moors and adorned with magnificent artworks of master painters, such as Murillo and Goya, Seville Cathedral is a tribute to the splendor of the Spanish Empire. Welcome to its arms!

Through the power of storytelling, you will discover not only historical facts but also unknown stories and tales of ancient and modern times that will amaze your family and friends. The tour’s content is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief intriguing stories that are both engaging and informative. Download the tour on your device so you can access it repeatedly anytime.

This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Seville Cathedral and immerse yourself in the surroundings/exhibits in an entirely innovative way.

Audio Preview

The Lighthouse of Islamic Faith

The most visible symbol today of the cathedral’s Islamic past is the current bell tower, originally the mosque’s minaret and now a symbol of Seville itself. Architect Ahmed Ibn Basso began its construction in 1184, recycling Umayyad stones and Roman marbles to build the basement of the tower. The minaret was completed however by another architect after the death of the first, Ali al-Ghumari, in 1198, who changed the main constructive material using brick instead of stone. The style of the entire construction is similar to some buildings in North Africa that rose almost at the same time as the tower of Seville, such as the minaret of the Kutubiyya Mosque in Marrakech. Likewise the Moroccan minaret, four golden spheres that shone like a lighthouse from a distance originally crowned the Sevillian tower.

Juan Alberto Romero

Art historian and tour guide, he is aware that bringing people closer to the cultural and natural heritage and communicating it with a critical attitude contributes to making our everyday environment a happier place.

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The location


Avenida de la Constitución, s/n.41001 Sevilla, Spain

Starting point

Door of the Lizard (Puerta del Lagarto)

Directions to starting point

Metro Stations: Plaza De La Contratacion; Santander (Tomas De Ibarra); Archivo De Indias; García De Vinuesa (Avda. Constitución); Plaza San Francisco.


Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes

Important information

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 10:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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