Seville Cathedral self-guided Virtual Experience: The Highlights

Seville Cathedral self-guided Virtual Experience: The Highlights

$ 8,55 per person

  • Self-guided audio tour
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Seville Cathedral self-guided Virtual Experience: The Highlights

$ 8,55 per person

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  • 30 stories
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Experience the Seville Cathedral from the comfort of your home with an engaging self-guided virtual tour narrated in English, from your PC or smartphone browser. It’s so simple! You will receive an email with the tour link and instructions, and in a couple of minutes, you will travel back in time and enjoy a virtual journey from the comfort of your couch!

Through the power of storytelling combined with street and satellite views, you will discover not only historical facts but also unknown stories and tales of ancient and modern times that will amaze your family and friends. The tour’s content is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief intriguing stories that will make your virtual visit both engaging and informative. The tour is only available online and you can access it repeatedly anytime.

This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Seville Cathedral and immerse yourself in the surroundings/exhibits in an entirely innovative way.


Audio Preview

El Giraldillo, the Rotating Sculpture

The bell tower was also crowned with the erection of a monumental sculpture on top, a finishing touch that would foreground the vigor of Christian faith. The almost 4m sculpture – 7m with the pedestal- was cast in 1568 by Bartolomé Morel according to the principles of Humanism, reconciling Christianity with the Classical tradition. To this end, the figure, which is a representation of faith, is portrayed with a hybrid visual idiom, carrying a cross and a palm of martyrdom as typical Christian signifiers and wearing, at the same time, the helmet and clothes of the ancient goddess Minerva. Apart from being a kindly reminder of the vanquishment of the Moors, the statue serves as a weather vane that turns according to the direction of the wind. Thus, the weathervane earned the name el Giraldillo and the bell tower became known as Giralda, "the one that turns", from the Spanish verb girar, meaning turn.

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  • Virtual Self-guided Tour for the Seville Cathedral with satellite & street views
  • Audio content with engaging & original stories in English


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The location


High Altar: The Flemish craftsman Pierre Dancart devoted 44 years to the construction of this altar. The altarpiece is made of polychrome wood, has a set of forty-four reliefs and more than two hundred figures of saints. Listen to the stories about this spectacular altar and admire the statue of Santa Maria de la Sede, situated at its center, the patroness of the Cathedral of Seville.  


Saint Antony’s Chapel: The Chapel houses Bartholome Esteban Murillo’s painting The Vision of Saint Antony. The painting of Murillo, the most known Sevillian artist, is characterized as a masterpiece of his mature period and has a thrilling history. In 1874, someone entered the temple having the intention of stealing the painting. The thief cut out most of the lower right section of it. The next year, the fragment was found in New York and reinstalled in the Cathedral.


Christopher Columbus’ Tomb: The famous explorer lies here. The tomb contains its remains after being brought back from the New World. The ornate tomb, designed by the sculptor and painter Arturo Mélida, is an impressive monument with four heralds that represent the four kingdoms of Spain.

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  • This is a virtual tour for the Seville Cathedral that you can take from the comfort of your home and feel like you were there
  • No live guide or meeting point required
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  • No special equipment is needed (i.e. special glasses)
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