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No other city exemplifies the spirit of Medieval Islam in Spain as tangibly as Granada! In 1492, the city was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs, but its Moorish aura never faded out; the “comfortable Orient”, as romantic travellers would call it. Let’s discover the stories of stellar landmarks, such as the Alhambra palace, and many hidden gems.

Enjoy a hassle-free walking tour of Granada, the capital city of the province of Granada and an exhilarating visit to Granada’s most dynamic attraction, the Alhambra Palace. This fascinating combo self-guided tour will help you follow, at your own pace, the riveting journey of the Alhambra Palace as well as the city’s most compelling and charming corners.

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The Nasrid city

On the corner of the plaza and Salamanca street the original Bib Rambla was once located, a medieval archway that was demolished in 1884. From here travellers gained access to the city from 1230 until the Christian conquest. Granada was then ruled by the rich Nasrid dynasty. The Arabs had arrived in Spain in 711 to found an empire that by the 10th century had become a powerful Caliphate with Cordoba as a capital city, the so-called al-Andalus, after which the region is currently named. The Empire fell apart a century later and smaller kingdoms tried to resist the advance of Christian armies from the North. The last of those Muslim kingdoms was Granada. With silk and other goods flowing from the East and with the wealth of the land, the Nasrids managed to hold strong and reign for over 250 years.

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Plaza de Bib Rambla

There is no meeting point. 

  • The self-guided audio tour for Granada is designed to start in Plaza de Bib Rambla.
  • The tour of Alhambra Palace begins at the Entrance Pavilion (Calle Real de la Alhambra, 18, 18009 Granada, Spain, 18009 Granada, Spain).
Granada City Tour: Mirador de San Nicolás, located in Albaicín. Alhambra Palace: Court of the Sultana’s Cypress Tree which is inside the complex, not far from the exit (the same point with the entrance).
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  • This is a combination of 2 downloadable self-guided audio tours for your smartphone (accessible through our app) 
  • The 2 audio tours cover the audio city tour of Granada and the audio tour of the Alhambra Palace
  • No live guide or meeting point provided.
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  • Please note that the 50% of the Alhambra is wheelchair accessible
  • Download audio tours while on WiFi prior to your visit – no wifi/4G on-site
  • After booking, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to access and download your audio tour. Please check your email spam folder as well
  • Ensure that your smartphone is fully charged & that you bring your earphones
  • Wear comfortable shoes and hat or sunscreen (during spring and summer)
  • It is better to have the tour before the sunset and preferably in the morning. 
  • Plaza de Bib Rambla
  • Saint Jerome Monastery
  • Cathedral of the Incarnation
  • Royal Chapel
  • Alcaicería
  • Corral del Carbón
  • Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo
  • Fundación Rodriguez Acosta
  • Torres Bermejas
  • Carrera del Darro
  • Cuesta del Chapiz
  • Mirador de San Nicolás
  • Alhambra complex
  • From 1st April to 14th October: Monday to Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m
  • From 15th October to 31st March: Monday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m to 6 p.m.

The Alhambra Palace : 14€

Charged smartphone, headphones. For outdoor venues: comfortable shoes, hat & sunscreen
  • The self-guided audio tour for Granada is designed to start in Plaza de Bib Rambla. The easiest way to get there is on foot or by bus (Lines C5, C31, C32, and 4, 8, 11,21, 33).
  • The tour of Alhambra Palace begins at the Entrance Pavilion (Calle Real de la Alhambra, 18, 18009 Granada, Spain, 18009 Granada, Spain). The Alhambra complex is located on the left bank of Darro River, on the top of the hill Al-Sabica and is 20 minutes away from Granada center. The easiest way to reach Alhambra is by bus. The bus C30 stops near the Entrance Pavilion.



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