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A fascinating self-guided audio walking tour to explore the birth of democracy in Athens. Discover credible and original stories, written by top local professionals. Take your tour now and enjoy it instantly on your smartphone device.

The Birth of Democracy is a history buff’s best friend! Find yourself in ancient Athens and meet the people who laid the foundations of Athenian democracy: Peisistratus, Solon, Cleisthenes, Socrates, and Pericles. Experience the journey from tyranny to the establishment of the democratic constitution and see the monuments that gave birth, propagated, and established the glory of democracy.

The Agora was the administrative, political, judicial, financial, social and religious center of the city. Since the time of the tyrant Peisistratus it was located to the north of the Acropolis. Peisistratus used his wealth and popularity to gain the support of the Athenian populace and instituted the city’s most important religious festivals (Great Panathenaea and Great Dionysia). When Athens became a democracy, the Agora was endowed with the quintessential buildings of the new constitution: the Boule of the 500, and the circular Tholos, where the 50 prytaneis were always ready to deal with emergencies. Close by was the Monument of the Eponymous Heroes with the bronze statues of the ten heroes whose names had been given to the ten tribes of Athens. The base also served as a notice board for public announcements.

Τhis is a majestic tour-de-force, richly endowed with classic stories about the heroes of democratic Athens: Pericles, whose mother dreamed of giving birth to a lion just before he was born; Aristides, who was considered the most just of the Athenians and who did not hesitate to assist in his own banishment from Athens; Themistocles, who rose to fame after defeating the Persians at the Battle of Salamis only to find himself an exile a few years later; and of course Solon, a merchant and poet who reformed the constitution of Athens and then exiled himself, believing that his institutions would function better if the reformer himself was no longer present.

The tour is perfect for those who wish to see every classical site of Athens at one fell swoop. In addition to the Agora and its magnificent museum, you get to enjoy the Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysus where tragedy and comedy was born, and Aristotle’s Lyceum where the great philosopher taught his students while walking.


  • Solon, the first legislator

    1. Solon, the first legislator

    How did democracy arise? Which Wise Man of Greece sacrificed himself for the good of his homeland? How important are laws?
  • The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

    2. The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

    Which tyrant’s grandson introduced equality under the law? Who were the heroes who gave birth to the first tribes? If you lived in ancient times, which tribe would you belong to?
  • Ostracism. Museum of the Ancient Agora

    3. Ostracism. Museum of the Ancient Agora

    Ostracism, just or exile? Can you leave within ten days for ten years? Can you ostracize yourself? Did Themistocles ostracize and become ostracized? A series of ostracisms!

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Address Ancient Agora of Athens
Starting point Adrianou 24, Athens (Metro station Monastiraki)
Finishing point Rigillis 10, Athens
Areas Ancient Agora, Areopagus & Philopappos Ηills, Theatre of Dionysus
Opening hours Ancient Agora of Athens: Daily 08:00-20:00 | Archaeological Site of Lykeion: Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00
Additional admission A large part of the tour goes through the Ancient Agora of Athens. General admission: €8

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