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Silmee Nowar

Arcadia University Intern


My name is Silmee Nowar and I am a junior, Global Management major focusing in Finance and Supply Chain at Earlham College in Indiana, USA. I am originally from Bangladesh although I have been living in various places the past few years, this year being Athens.

Previously, I have worked in a variety of areas including children’s education, Micro-finance, Social Business, financial evaluation, and Journalism and my internship at Clio Muse has been providing me with various experiences including blog writing, research, fundraising etc. This is the first time that I got to experience working in a small, start-up business environment and I have been loving working in such a bright, bubbly, and passionate environment where everyone is genuinely happy to working with each other. Apart from the professional things, I have also been learning a lot about how to establish relationships with people who I work with and that has been enlightening so far.

My time at Athens has also been fantastic so far with me getting to visit all the ancient sites for my archeology class, to binge-eating souvlaki everyday, to trying to desperately cram some words of Greek in classes. I have, so far, been enjoying my time at Athens and at Clio Muse very much and I look forward to learning more and developing more relationships during the rest of my time here.