Delphi and Iera Chora, the steps of Parnassus

Delphi and Iera Chora, the steps of Parnassus

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Delphi and Iera Chora, the steps of Parnassus


  • 3 hours
  • 13 stories
  • 32.34km distance
  • 12 stops

Delphi. Where a nymph once purified the believers in her well and Pythia chanted her prophesies. There, where for the very first time, the winners – not only of the athletic but also of the music and poetry competitions – were lauded. There, where two eagles once defined the centre of the world.

Nea Odos

Nea Odos has undertaken the study, planning, construction, operation, administration and maintenance of the “Ionian Road” project. A breathtaking project covering a total length of 380klm.

Inclusions and Exclusions



Mandatory items

  • Charged smartphone
  • Headphones

The location


Just at the entrance of Arachova village

Starting point

Archaeological Museum of Amfissa


  • The Clock Tower of Arachov
  • Tholos
  • Castalian Spring
  • Delphi (entrance to the archaeological site)
  • The Apollo Temple
  • Delphi Theatre
  • Delphi Stadium
  • Archaeological Museum of Delphi
  • Delphic Festivals Museum of Sikelianos
  • Mt Parnassus
  • The corykian cave
  • Archaeological Museum of Amfissa

Important information

Recommended visiting hours

24/7 (better before sunset)

Additional admission

Ticket for museums and archaeological sites is not included.

Know before you go

  • Mobile signal may be weak at the site(s). Download your audio tour on your smartphone prior to your visit to fully enjoy it.
  • Ensure that your smartphone is fully charged and that you bring your earphones.

Contributors and Bibliography


  • Nea Odos
  • Diazoma
  • Clio Muse
  • Research – Authorship: Evy Papadopoulou

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Rating: 3.3/5 3.3/5 (4)
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