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Margarita joined Clio Muse Tours in 2022 as a Tour Script Editor. She has spent an embarrassingly long time studying and holds degrees in Ancient History, Archaeological Information Systems, International Relations and Art History. She blames the job market. As a professional, she has long-standing experience in academic editing and research and is way too excited that Clio Muse Tours has created a space where field experts can optimise their impact factor. Having spent most of her adult life abroad and her formative years on a Greek island, she still finds Athens a hard nut to crack.

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An ice-breaker, a light and informal conversation that requires no significant effort or focus. When it comes to travel though, a small talk can generate great inspiration and at Clio Muse Tours we love to be inspired, especially when it comes to exploring the world. That’s why we decided to launch a small-talk series with […]