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Clio Muse at Booking Cares Lab Amsterdam

This Summer was a busy season for Clio Muse. We worked hard, we brainstormed, we laughed a lot but most importantly we identified new paths and exciting challenges to chase.

I can tell that September has a different sense of busy; a more productive and focused one. It feels like last months’ efforts are starting to bear fruits! Things are happening (as our dev. George says)!

After being chosen as one of the first companies to join’s Experiences, we are now amongst the selected innovators from all over the EU for this year’s Booking Cares Lab! Next month we will travel to Amsterdam to explore sustainable tourism opportunities.

In partnership with the city of Amsterdam and in close collaboration with Amsterdam Marketing, the Booking Cares Lab Amsterdam is a 3-day regional innovation challenge, where startups, non-profit changemakers, local institutions, and all come together to explore the unique opportunities related to urban and responsible tourism in Amsterdam.

In this year’s event, we will be challenged to develop solution-specific project plans around one of the following themes:

– Tourism Dispersal: relieving pressure on crowded tourist areas;

– Inclusive Growth: making sure that everyone in the city benefits from the growing tourism opportunity, including an even more diverse array of local businesses;

– Behavioral Awareness: educating travelers about how to act more like a local, including tackling topics related to littering and street pollution, noise control, and waste management, i.e. recycling and sorting, etc.

Audio Tours
  • Duration: 1h 30min
  • Audio available in 4 languages
$ 8,55 per person

It will include insightful talks on sustainable tourism, deep dives into case studies about the specific themes for the Amsterdam Lab and the opportunity to network with other like-minded innovators. The program will culminate with the teams of innovators pitching their plans to an expert jury in order to win grants between €10,000 and €25,000.  

Based on the strength of the plans that are developed, the city of Amsterdam is also offering up the chance for one of the strongest teams of innovators to partner on a pilot project directly with the city.

One thing is for sure, Booking Cares Lab Amsterdam will help us enhance our skills, collaborate with different mindsets and grow.

We’re so excited, fingers crossed!