The Red Light District: Free Virtual Experience

The Red Light District: Free Virtual Experience


  • Self-guided audio tour
    Follow the story at your own pace
  • English
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The Red Light District: Free Virtual Experience


  • 10 stories
  • 4 stops

Experience the De Wallen from the comfort of your home with an engaging self-guided virtual tour narrated in English, from your PC or smartphone browser. It’s so simple! Hit ‘START’ and in a couple of minutes, you will travel back in time and enjoy a virtual journey from the comfort of your couch!


Through the power of storytelling combined with street and satellite views, you will discover not only historical facts but also unknown stories and tales of ancient and modern times that will amaze your family and friends. The tour’s content is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief intriguing stories that will make your virtual visit both engaging and informative. The tour is only available online and you can access it repeatedly anytime.


This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Red Light District of De Wallen and immerse yourself in the surroundings in an entirely innovative way.


Audio Preview

The Alteration

All this changed on May 26, 1578, when the Roman Catholic city government was replaced by a Protestant one. The “Alteratie” (Alteration) was a bloodless coup but it had important consequences for the city and its churches. Saint Nicholas was renamed Oude Kerk and its interior was much altered in a violent fashion; the windows were smashed and the statues were removed. The authorities also eliminated the organ but were eventually forced to bring it back because people could not stay on key while singing hymns without it. An inscription commemorates these events: “The false practices introduced into the church of God were undone here in the year 78.”

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  • Virtual Self-guided Tour for the Red Light District with satellite & street views
  • Audio content with engaging original stories in English


  • Live Guide
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Offline access

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  • Desktop, laptop or smartphone device
  • Internet connection

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