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The Story of Muse Clio

Since we’ve started Clio Muse, 6 years ago, very often, partners, friends & travelers ask us about our brand name and what’s the story of Muse Clio.

Thus, let me introduce you to Clio, daughter of Zeus and prime mover of the development of liberal and fine arts in Ancient Greece.

Clio was the muse of history, but also of storytelling, meaning that she was responsible for preserving memory and all this knowledge that comes from discoveries and investigations of the past. She often held scrolls and stone tablets to pass on her stories, but she also liked to use trumpets or lyres for that purpose. She kept an hourglass with her at all times, because she wanted to keep time in line and tell her stories in chronological order. 

She was unlucky enough to fall for Adonis, a mortal man that had already caught the eye of Aphrodite. On top of that, she made the mistake to reprimand Aphrodite for her love for Adonis. That put Aphrodite on rage mode and as a result, she cursed Clio to fall in love with another mortal, Pieros. So she did.
Clio bore two sons overall that were unaware of their fathers, Hyakinthus (son of Pieros, he later became the lover of Apollo and got killed by a jealous Zephyrus) and Hymenaeus.

Pieros had nine daughters that were named after the nine Muses and when they grew up they thought they could beat them in a contest, which they of course lost, but this is another story soon to be told. Stay tuned!