The Castles of Preveza


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The history of Preveza is written on the walls of its castles. Venetians, Ottomans, and French invested heavily on the town’s defence, since it was the key to the control of the Ambracian Gulf. The end result was a group of five fortresses that distill the town’s past and offer splendid views to the surrounding seas.


  • Ruler of all

    1. Ruler of all

    There are two reasons to visit the Pantokratoras fort: either you are fond of castles and stunning views, or you want to study what it takes to become ruler of the world.
  • Scarface

    2. Scarface

    The castle of Saint Andrew dominates the city from the top of a low hill for the past three centuries. It is a monument that bears the scars of all the conquerors and liberators of Preveza.
  • Not the guns of Navarone

    3. Not the guns of Navarone

    Laskara resembles all sorts of things but a fort is not one of them. Nevertheless, in 1897, its cannons rained fire and fury on “Macedonia” in the opening scene of the war between Greece and the Ottoman Empire.

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