Dodona: in the Shade of the Sacred Oak Tree












A free self-guided tour at Dodona which lies in a vale defined by the imposing sight of Mount Tomaros. Dodona was the first oracle of Greece and here Zeus (but not quite the one you think you know) resided in the roots of a sacred oak and answered the questions of the faithful in the company of his beloved wife (again, not the one you think). Can you hear their voices whispering in the wind?


  • The land loved by Zeus

    1. The land loved by Zeus

    Dodona: a site that has it all! Natural beauty, the oldest oracle, Egyptian pigeons, an impeccable pedigree of visitors, respectable athletic games, war, politics, and a connection to the Antikythera mechanism.
  • Priests and magistrates

    2. Priests and magistrates

    Zeus guarded the oracle but even sacred precincts require mortals to run them and take care of everyday business. The prytaneion was the administrative heart of Dodona, while the priests served the needs of the people.
  • The second wife

    3. The second wife

    Dodona is far from almost all the major urban centers; so if you were going to walk or ride your donkey all the way up here, you had better know how to ask your questions when Zeus was all ears.

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