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Zosimas Brothers: The life and the work of the great benefactors



  • Production coordination

The Goal

The objective was to craft a captivating content piece that would illuminate the life and accomplishments of the Zosimas Brothers, tracing their journey from their early years to their recognition as esteemed patrons and national benefactors. We aimed to deepen the audience's familiarity with these iconic figures, and in order to bring this vision to life, we collaborated with esteemed professionals in the field of filmmaking.

The Outcome

The fruition of our coordination culminated in a 15-minute video production. This engaging video provides an educational and inspiring narrative, chronicling the life and remarkable contributions of the Zosimas Brothers. It features a Greek voiceover and includes subtitles in both Greek and English, ensuring accessibility to a diverse, multilingual audience eager to delve into their remarkable story. This project was a collaborative effort with Katerina Bolmati and Giotis Vrantzas from the production company Macine and cinematographer George Karampelas from HIGHER! HIGHER! Productions.