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Nikolaos Glykis: the first “bee” of Epirus in Venice



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The Goal

This project seeks to shed light on the rich history of the Glykis Brothers, whose legacy spans centuries and continents. In 1644, Nikolaos Glykis moved permanently to Venice and established the renowned Glykis Brothers trading house. From 1671 to 1850, the Glykis family ventured into the world of typographic art and literature, ultimately opening a bookstore. Their enterprise proudly held the title of Venice's longest-lasting Greek printing house. Today, the Special Collections of the Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina house a treasure trove of their invaluable publications, and this project focused on spotlighting their work through an engaging audio tour.

The Outcome

The result is a captivating digital audio tour in Greek and English, featuring 13 distinctive stops/chapters and 50 engaging stories that unveil the people and narratives behind Venice's longest-lasting Greek printing house.