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histories from the faliro delta 26

Histories from the Faliro Delta

2022 - now


  • Content Curation & Distribution
  • Graphic Design
  • Creating an online website with a historical interactive timeline (map)

The Goal

The project aimed to digitize the Monumenta archives about the history around the SNFCC and to create a timeline with the most significant phases of the area to be explored with the help of documents (photos). This interactive timeline has been incorporated into a touch screen that accompanies Monumenta's permanent exhibition at the National Library of Greece, entitled "Histories from the Faliro Delta".

The Outcome

In collaboration with Altsol, Clio Muse Tours digitized all the documents that Monumenta had in its hands about the history of the SNFCC area, creating the interactive timeline and the repository in which all the documents (photographs) were presented in chronological order. Visitors can browse the touch screen and see the corresponding documents depending on the season they choose to read about.