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From Leliparades to Zosimaia Public Central Historic Library of Ioannina



  • 3D modelling
  • Virtual tour

The Goal

This project aims to document the historical evolution of the Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library building in Ioannina, Greece. It traces its history from the Ottoman conquest in 1430 to the establishment of the independent Greek State in 1913, encompassing significant events like the Treaty of Lausanne and the 1923 population exchange and Italian and German occupations. Using 3D modeling, the virtual tour we created vividly illustrates the building's architectural transformation.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project "From Leliparades to the Public Historical Library of Ioannina" is a digital stratigraphy application with 3D visualizations, offering insights into the history and development of the library and its architectural splendor. The virtual tour is available in three languages: Greek, English, and Turkish.