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Cultural Routes of Epirus



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The Goal

The creation of the first cultural route of the ancient theaters of Epirus spans four regional units and involves five archaeological sites together with eight ancient edifices for theatrical, musical, and other representations, such as the theaters of Nikopolis, Dodoni, Kassiopi (Cassiope), and Gitana. This project is also the first in Greece to have been integrated into the National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020 (Regional Operational Program of Epirus), with a budget of 37 million euros. This cultural route will also serve as a pilot for designing cultural routes in other regions of Greece.

The Outcome

The cultural route of the “Ancient Theatres of Epirus” has as main objective to inspire travelers to take a journey through time by exploring different places using the five senses. In this trip, five archaeological sites and their theatres are the reference and starting points from where travelers and visitors can collect and compose inspiring cultural experiences. The Theatres are the main protagonists because, in antiquity, the theatre was the trademark of the city-state, playing a vital role in public life. It was the space where citizens gathered to watch dramatic performances and religious spectacles, that intended not only to entertain but also to teach.