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40 staseis stin istoria ton ellinikon sidirodromon

40 train stations and the history of Greek railway

2020 - now


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  • Audio Production

The Goal

The award-winning Photography Museum, ""Christos Kalemkeris"" of the Municipality of Kalamaria, partnered with Clio Muse Tours to create a virtual tour experience that presents the story of 40 Greek Railway Stations and their essential role in the economic, commercial and social development of the country.

The Outcome

This tour presents cities, stations, and railway constructions from Orestiada and Didymoteicho to Alexandreia, Lechonia, and Velestino. The virtual tour experience was developed by Clio Muse Tours, using the museum's valuable photographic archive and 360° photos. The ""40 train stations and the history of Greek railway"" self-guided virtual tour experience narrates the history of the country's railway network from 1869 to 1969 through 40 points of interest that are depicted in the past through the rare photographic material of the Museum of Photography ""Christos Kalemkeris"" and at present through 360° photos.