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27 countries

Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness & Participation

2016 - 2020


platform creation

The Goal

The project approaches heritage as an asset and a responsibility of all, aiming to encompass greater democratic, participative actions with concern for the local and every day and to facilitate a continuing process for creating, modifying, and safeguarding heritage where citizens will be prosumers and maintainers of cultural activities.

The Outcome

PLUGGY Social Platform’s users will curate stories using the PLUGGY Curatorial Tool, and the content will be both crowdsourced and retrieved from digital collections, allowing users to create links between seemingly unrelated facts, events, people and digitized collections, leading to new approaches of presenting cultural resources, and new ways of experiencing them. PLUGGY will provide the necessary architecture for creating pluggable applications, allowing for beyond-the-project, not yet imagined ways to use the content on the social platform while focusing on the design of the social interaction, helping to build new virtual heritage communities. The PLUGGY consortium spans 5 countries and includes 4 academic partners, a total of 10 museums, and 3 SMEs in the fields of cultural heritage and creative applications. They cover the areas of cultural heritage, social platforms, authoring tools, VR/AR, knowledge management, semantics, and 3D audio."