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Marathon dam: Life at the settlement (ΕΥΔΑΠ)


The Goal

the self-guided audio tour “Marathon dam: Life at the settlement.” The captivating tour narrates the unknown story of the Marathon settlement where over 1000 workers lived with their families, from the beginning of the Marathon’s Dam construction in 1926 until the early 70s.

The Outcome

Clio Muse Tours completed five projects which have been delivered with great success. Two of these projects are digital tours that showcase unique and interesting locations and were designed to be engaging and informative for the audience. The third project was a digital interactive map in the form of a timeline, which provides users with a visual representation of events and locations related to a specific theme. The fourth project was an application of digital stratigraphy for the Living Library, which included 3D visualizations that helped illustrate the library's history and development. Finally, the team produced an educational film that was 30 minutes long, which provided valuable insights and information on a specific topic. These projects were delivered on time and to a high standard and will surely be well received by their intended audiences.