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1. How to activate your first Clio Muse tour

  • 1.1 Android

    Launch Play Store, type Clio Muse in the search bar, tap INSTALL

    You can also find our app here

    Launch the app and choose your language

    Tap “I don’t have an account”

    Fill in your email, create a password (min. 6 characters), insert your promo code and tap SIGN UP

    Allow Clio Muse to access your location

    Your purchased tour will appear on the screen. To access it offline tap DOWNLOAD

    Please do not interrupt the download process

    Once the download is complete, tap OK

    You are all set! Plug in your earphones! Tap START TOUR to begin!

    Have Fun!

  • 1.2 iOS

    Launch App Store, type Clio Muse in the search bar, tap GET

    You can also find our app here

    Launch the app and tap on Allow

    Choose your language

    Tap “I don’t have an account”

    Fill in your email, create a password (min. 6 characters), insert your promo code in the verification code field and tap SIGN UP

    Allow Clio Muse to access your location

    Your purchased tour will appear on the screen. To access it offline tap DOWNLOAD

    Please do not interrupt the download process

    Once the download is complete, tap OK

    You are all set! Plug in your earphones, disable silent mode and tap START TOUR to begin!

    Have Fun!

2. How to create a tour

  • 2.1 Who can create a tour?

    Anyone can become a content provider and create a tour for Clio Muse. All it takes is passion for the tour’s subject matter, skill with writing, and the desire to share your knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Architects, agronomists, chefs, archaeologists, writers, street artists etc. have contributed their expertise and their subversive point of view on some of our most popular tours. Our users are always looking for new ways to see the city and the countryside, so we are constantly seeking fresh voices that have something original to say.

  • 2.2 What should I do to create a thematic tour?

    To get started, simply submit your application. Write some things about you, so we can get to know you better, and then tell us what tour you have in mind. We will definitely need the tour’s title, category, location, and a brief description. After completing this step by clicking on the submission link, our writing team will receive your suggestion; you will also receive a copy in your email. The proposal will be evaluated within a week. Once approved, we will send you a password granting you access to Clio Muse Create, where you can start creating your tour.

  • 2.3 Where will my tour be sold?

    Each tour can be distributed in the following ways (depending on the content provider’s preferences): through the Clio Muse app, as a physical ticket, or by the tour operators we collaborate with. Users download the application for free, choose the route they are interested in, and complete the transaction with in-app purchases. Content providers can sell tickets on their own, or through partner companies (hotels, tour operators etc.). The tourist companies that work with Clio Muse offer the tours as part of their tourist packages. Alternatively, the tours can be sold individually through booking sites.

  • 2.4 Can I use music, photos, and videos I did not create myself?

    Yes, you can use music, photos, videos and other material that you have not created yourself. However, this material should be free for commercial use, or you must secure the license of its creator before you use it in the tour.

  • 2.5 Where will my tour be shown?

    Each tour will be available in Clio Muse app and site, as well as in all the collaborating tourist companies that have chosen to sell the particular tour.

  • 2.6 Is there a charge for publishing a tour on Clio Muse?

    No subscription is required to publish and sale a tour on Clio Muse. It is totally free.

  • 2.7 How often will I get paid for my tours?

    Payments are made on a quarterly basis. Earnings on sales will be paid when they reach the minimum amount of 100€. If your quarterly earnings have not reached this amount, payment is postponed until the next payment period.

  • 2.8 How do I know how many tours you have sold?

    Sales reports are provided on a quarterly basis along with payments.

  • 2.9 Do people like my tour?

    At any time you can see how many views and favorite stories have been added, by opening the app and tapping your tour.

  • 2.10 How many languages are available on the app?

    The application currently supports eight languages ​​(Greek, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese) but we can add any other language you want. To add the extra language contact our technical department at support@cliomuseapp.com.

  • 2.11 What happens with indoor tours?

    If your tour takes place indoors (museum, exhibition venue) or in an enclosed location (park, zoo), you can replace the map with a customized floor plan of the building that best suits the needs of your tour.

  • 2.12 What does “Clio Muse Ticket” mean?

    “Clio Muse Ticket” allows you to create a personalized ticket for your tour with a unique code that enables a user to unlock the tour on the Clio Muse application. This way you can personally sell your content, either digitally or physically in a tourist booth or hotel near the route. To get a ticket template for your tour, contact our technical department support@cliomuseapp.com.

  • 2.13 What are the selection criteria for a tour?

    The selection of the tours submitted through the form is made by Clio Muse’s specialized writing team. The main selection criteria are:

    • Originality
    • Writing skill
    • Country and location/city
    • Number of points of interest
    • Content provider’s expertise on the tour’s topic
  • 2.14 How do you determine the price of a tour on Clio Muse?

    There are three tour categories: Golden, Medium and Short. A tour is assigned at a category according to the number of stories it contains. A Golden tour consists of 100-130 stories. A Medium tour consists of 50-70 stories. A Short tour has 25-35 stories. The price is determined accordingly. A Golden tour costs 17,99€, a Medium tour costs 11,99€, and a Short tour costs 7,99€.

  • 2.15 Does someone need a physical tour guide to enjoy a digital tour with Clio Muse?

    The digital tours available through Clio Muse do not require the physical presence of a tour guide. The app users can enjoy the tour on their own, provided they have a smartphone.

  • 2.16 Why does Clio Muse offer free tours?

    Approximately 30% of the tours available on Clio Muse are offered free of charge. Most of them have been created by museums and cultural institutions that wish to allow their visitors to tour their collections for free. Such free tours increase the app’s visibility and the overall number of users. They also act as an additional motivation for customers who wish to purchase a tour.

3. Tips and tricks on creating your tour

  • 3.1 How many stops should my tour have?

    The stops of a tour are related to the number of stories. We have come to the conclusion that the optimum number of stories for a tour is fifty, while the optimum number of stops is ten. Each stop should have a minimum of two stories, although the optimal number of stories is five. Try to avoid leaving a long distance without any points of interest / stops. The route should be relatively dense and homogeneous. It should take the user approximately three to ten minutes to go from one stop to the next. Not all stops are equally interesting, so sometimes you will need to adjust the number of stories accordingly.

  • 3.2 How long should the stories be?

    The stories must be up to 650 characters, that is, about 100 words. It takes about forty seconds for a user to read or listen to a story of this size. We have determined the number of characters based on the time we want the user to spend on any given point of interest, as well as the optimal text size the reader can read on a mobile phone screen without getting tired.

  • 3.3 How do I write an interesting story?

    A good story goes beyond information that is readily available, and avoids the sterile presentation of encyclopedic facts. It presents the point of interest through a novel or unexpected point of view and emphasizes the human dimension. It focuses on the way people have experienced, interpreted or used the monument, building, place we are talking about. At the same time, of course, it relies on facts and the objective presentation of information and avoids extreme or offensive opinions. If you feel that you have a story you would gladly share in a gathering of friends (to impress or entertain), then we are on the right track.

    Two story examples:

  • 3.4 How do I select the points of interest for my tour?

    There are many ways to choose the points of interest, but the most important thing is to walk the city in search of the points you would like to know about as a visitor. In general, there are two ways to select the points of interest; either you already have the points in mind and you try to connect them in a common thread; or you have an idea and you are looking for the points that will help you put it in words.

  • 3.5 How long should the tour be?

    The basic criterion for calculating the length of a route is to choose the medium with which we want the user to make our journey: foot, bicycle, car or even a boat. Below is the mileage we suggest for the route depending on the medium:

    • Walking

    The average person can cover a distance of five kilometers in one hour. It also takes about 30 minutes to read a text of 6000 words, which is the size of a medium route (50 stories). In this case, the ideal route is about 2.5 km long.

    • Bicycle

    The average person on a bicycle can cove a distance of 15 kilometers in one hour. It also takes about 30 minutes to read a text of 6000 words, which is the size of a medium route (50 stories). In this case, the ideal route is about 20 km long.

  • 3.6 How do I find the coordinates of a point of interest?

    To add a point of interest that does not have an address in the tour you need to find its coordinates on the map. To find the coordinates go to Google Maps and find the point you are interested in; right-click and select What’s here?. A window with the coordinates of the route will appear at the bottom of your screen. Copy and paste the coordinates into the Clio Muse Create Tour location field. The first set of coordinates is the Latitude and the second is the Longitude.

  • 3.7 How long should the tour last?

    The basic criterion for calculating the duration of a tour is to select the medium with which we wish the user to enjoy our tour. For more details see How long should the tour be?. If it is on foot, we recommend that the tour lasts 1-1.5 hours, while if you are on a bike, we recommend that the tour lasts for 2-3 hours.

  • 3.8 How do I find the total length of the route and the time it takes to cover it?

    To find the length of a route go to Google Maps. Locate the starting point, right-click and select Directions from here. For the second point, right click again and select Directions to here. In the same way you will add the other points by right-clicking and selecting Add a destination. On the left side of your computer, below the tour’s points of interest, you will see the length of the route and the time you need to cover it.

4. Troubleshooting

  • 4.1 How can I download a tour on my device?

    To download a tour on your device, download Clio Muse application for iOS or Android. Launch the app, select the language you bought the tour in and sign in with your credentials. Then, tap on MY TOURS on the menu and you’ll find your tour there. Tap on the tour, scroll down, tap on Download and wait. It’s crucial to keep the app running while the tour is being downloaded.

  • 4.2 How do I activate my GPS?

    For Android

    • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open your notifications bar.
    •  Use Quick Settings straight away, find and tap on “Location” or “GPS”.
    •  If you cannot do this, go to “Settings” and find the Location section (may be under “Privacy”).


    For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    • Go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services”.
    • Make sure that “Location Services” is on.
    • Scroll down to find the app and enable the switch.
  • 4.3 How do I restart the app?

    For Android

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Tap “Apps”.
    • Tap the unresponsive app.
    • Tap “Force Stop”.
    • Tap “Force Stop” to confirm.
    • Relaunch the app.


    For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    • Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps.
    • Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close.
    • Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app.
    • Relaunch the app.
  • 4.4 Where are my Tours?

    For Android & iOS

    • Launch the app.
    • Choose language.
    • Tap “Skip”.
    • Tap “My Tours” (bottom left on the menu) to find them.
  • 4.5 Where is my User ID?

    For Android & iOS

    • Launch the app.
    • Choose language.
    • Tap “Skip”.
    • Tap “ME” (bottom right on the menu).
    • Scroll to the end of the screen and find it in grey letters.
  • 4.6 The audio isn’t working

    For Android & iOS

    • Check the silent mode. For the audio to work the SILENT MODE must be OFF. If you have an iPhone, also check the button on the side of your device that sets the silent mode and tap the upper part of the volume button to select the required ring volume.


    • Please check that you have selected the language you booked the tour in, because not all tours have audio in every language. To change the language in the app, tap “ME” (bottom right on the menu), tap TOUR LANGUAGES” and choose the one you booked the tour in. The app will reload. Then tap “MY TOURS” (bottom left on the menu) and you will find your tour.

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