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Marina Barka (she/her)

Marina is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for the industry. She studied Marketing Communications at the University of the West of England in Bristol and has gained experience through internships in Boston, Bristol, New York, London, and Athens. She has worked in various industries within the marketing and events management sector but is particularly passionate about digital marketing. In her current role at Clio Muse Tours, she is responsible for the performance of all digital marketing activities, working to enhance the company’s digital presence.


Olga Anton (she/her)

Olga studied Marketing and Public Relations in the Communication, Media, and Culture department at Panteion University. She also studied as an Erasmus student at the University of Granada in Spain for one semester and loves to travel. As a Social Media & Content Creator, she is working on Social Media Strategy and SEO to evolve the B2C sales of Clio Muse Tours.

Maria Aivalioti (she/her)

With years of studies in archaeology and the history of art from world-class universities in Greece and abroad, Maria has worked as an art curator and tutor of art history in public and private institutions, including the Athens Tour Guide School.

Her role at Clio Muse Tours as the person in charge of the Tour Creation department includes the coordination of the conception, creation, and development of new tours and constantly updating the existing ones. Passionate about culture and traveling, Maria assures that all tours highlight well-known and hidden aspects of history based on certified reference material. Specialist of the Symbolist Movement, she participates in conferences and symposiums and writes articles on her field expertise.

Anastasia Kaisari (she/her)

Anastasia is a passionate historian and archaeologist who graduated from the University of Athens with a Bachelor’s degree. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Culture, Anastasia is dedicated to exploring how technology can enhance our understanding of civilization.

With a deep love for different cultures and a passion for storytelling, she is committed to providing visitors with an unforgettable experience that both educates and entertains. As a Tour Script Editor at Clio Muse, Anastasia can contribute to the company’s mission of creating innovative audio tours that showcase the world’s cultural heritage.

Angelos Koutsolabropoulos (he/him)

Holding the position of Tour Script Writer at Clio Muse Tours, Angelos Koutsolabropoulos has an academic background in History, Archaeology, and Education. He has participated in history projects for the,, and the National Theatre of Greece.

At Clio Muse Tours, he aims to create tour experiences that shift travelers’ perceptions of archaeological sites and monuments. He is an avid reader and art enthusiast. Angelos holds a BA in History and Archaeology and a MA in History and History Didactics.

Eirini Kazamiaki (she/her)

Eirini studied History and Archaeology at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. After discovering her love for the History of Art and museums, she proceeded with her post-graduate studies in Museology and Cultural Management (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), focusing her research on the social role of museums. Afterward, she spent some years working in various museums and cultural institutions, mostly in the field of producing and organizing bigger and smaller-scale events, such as festivals, concerts, and workshops. As Junior Content Coordinator at the Tour Creation Department of Clio Muse Tours, she manages the tour creation pipeline and communicates with current and potential external partners.

Maria Kondili (she/her)

Maria is a graduate of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA. Her love for arts and science guided her to Clio Muse Tours for an internship. As she instantly fit with the team environment, it didn’t take long to take a permanent position as a Full Stack Web Developer, currently serving the team as a Scrum Master. She’s responsible for updating and upgrading the platform, which gives access to tours through web browsers, and develops high-quality tour-guided systems for museums and organizations. Maria is also responsible for developing new features for the Clio Muse authoring tool that make the tour creation process effortless.

Fotis Kondilis (he/him)

Fotis is a graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He joined the Clio Muse Tours team as an intern and became a Full Stack Web Developer shortly after. His main role is to overlook the automated booking system and ensure that users get instant access 24/7 to their purchased tours via email and SMS. He also researches and participates in developing projects for museums and other partners and makes improvements to the Clio Muse website.

Georgios Chatzigeorgakidis (he/him)

As a Software Engineer with great experience in web / mobile technologies, and software architecture, Georgios is behind both the iOS Clio Muse app and the Clio Muse e-shop. Splitting his workload into those two, he maps the user journey for both the app and the website. He does his best to offer a sexy user experience for travelers and cultural institutions and always ensures that Clio Muse Tours’ online platforms are safe and easy to use. As the oldest member of the IT Department, he has been working side-by-side with Yiannis since 2017.

Eleni Chaviatzi (she/her)

Eleni is an accomplished graduate of the Informatics Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Her love for traveling led her to join the company as an intern for the IT department. After her internship ended, she became a Junior Software Engineer and she is currently works as a Junior Quality Assurance Engineer. Her work is to ensure the functionality and quality of Clio Muse Tours’ platforms.

Romanos Koutas (he/him)

Holding an IT Technician’s degree, Romanos is our front-end developer and web unicorn. Bringing his experience and knowledge from seminars and workshops in UX experience, he continuously develops new features for our website.

Elena Lagiou (she/her)

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and almost three years of work experience, Elena works as a Backend Developer at Clio Muse Tours. She has almost three years of experience and is passionate about helping the IT team by creating and optimizing our web app.