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Vicky Posnakidou (she/her)

Vicky is a Psychology graduate with a passion for music, traveling, and a love for cats. When she’s not exploring the intricacies of the human mind, she enjoys playing her favorite tunes, embarking on new adventures around the world, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Jorge Tsitsaris (he/him)

Graduating from computer engineering at Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UOC), Jorge has 11 years of experience in native development for IOS and Android platforms and is certified by JetBrains as a Mobile software engineer. In Clio Muse Tours, he ensures that the apps and SDK have an optimal architecture to be scalable and maintainable with the best possible performance.

Nikolaos Ermis (he/him)

Nikolas holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Peloponnese. He also holds a master’s degree in “Governance and Public Policy” from the University of Peloponnese and a master’s degree in “Political Science and Modern History” from Panteion University.

With a tenure in mass media as a journalist, he is a new member of our team as an e-commerce and product listing assistant. His role is to register the new products and make them available to our travelers. At the same time, his responsibilities include keeping the products up to date and controlling their progress.

Natasa Petridou (she/her)

With a background in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Marketing, Natasa is passionate about market research, development, and the travel industry. Over the past seven years, she has worked as a Business Development Consultant in the technology sector, particularly with startups. Her role as an Account Manager at Clio Muse allows her to combine her interest in technology—which she believes is continually evolving and shaping our daily lives—with her passion for travel. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, working out and taking photos

Dimitris Intzeler (he/him)

Dimitris is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Thessaly. He works at Clio Muse Tours as a Backend Developer, and his primary role is to develop and maintain our internal and external connectivity issues, focusing on middleware and API connections with Online Travel Agencies.

Evita Triantafyllou (she/her)

Evita is a Sales Account Manager with a wealth of experience in sales and the travel industry and an educational background in anthropology and history.

Clio Muse Tours is the perfect playground to blend her expertise in sales with her passion for people and cultures.

Jo Bagioti (she/her)

Jo is an adept Customer Care Agent with a degree in International and European Studies from Panteion University. Beyond work, Jo is passionate about art, music, and travel, enjoying exploring diverse cultures.

She passionately ensures every traveler’s experience is memorable, showcasing a well-rounded and culturally attuned perspective.

Michalis Saragas (he/him)

Michalis studied at the University of West Attica as a Computer science engineer. With a background in coding and systems administration, he is working as a DevOps/CLoud engineer and helps optimize our Infrastructure.

George Kastoras (he/him)

George obtaimed a degree in Accounting and Finance, demonstrating a sincere passion for handling data and numbers. His enthusiasm extends to extracting meaningful insights through statistical analysis.

A natural problem solver, he thrives on challenges and enthusiastically embraces new tools to overcome them.

Dimitris Tsitsirigkos (he/him)

Dimitris is a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School at Boston University and holds a postgraduate degree in Business Analytics from ESADE. With experience in startups and brief stints in larger companies, he has worked as a developer and later as a Project Manager/Product Owner.

Joining Clio Muse Tours as a Product Owner, Dimitris focuses on organizing various products and improving communication between different stakeholders for the implementation and release of new features. He values technology as an excellent means to transform fields like education and culture. This passion is what led him to join the Clio Muse Tours team.

Spiridoula Elefsinioti (she/her)

With studies in Management and Finance in the Tourism sector, Spyridoula’s extensive experience working in travel agencies has equipped her with a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies and a proven ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

Spiridoula is fluent in three languages ​​and passionate about travel, history, the arts, and exploring diverse cultures. At Clio Muse Tours, her responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks that combine her expertise in organization, customer service excellence, and unwavering client support.

Venetia Tsalavouti (she/her)

Venetia holds a Political Science and International Relations degree, complementing her diverse clerical and administrative experience across various sectors. In her current role as an Administrative Assistant in the Operations Department at Clio Muse Tours, she aims to contribute to transparent and streamlined workflows, embodying the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the tourism and culture sector.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Venetia enjoys strolling through the captivating streets of Athens, discovering new urban images. She, also likes to find solace in meditation and indulge her curiosity through reading