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Vassilis Kekessis (he/him)

Vassilis studies Administrative Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is interning at Clio Muse Tours as a junior data analyst in the IT department and is involved in two projects.
In the first project, he analyzes the listening data of stories from our customers. In the second project, he is helping to design a model to predict the number of tickets we need to purchase and have a backup.

Emmanouela Saridaki

My name is Emmanouela and I am a history student at the University of Peloponnese since 2019. When I finish my studies I plan on becoming a guide and Clio Muse Tours was the best choice for gaining experience. In this short period that I do my internship here my co-workers have helped me a lot in learning how to organize online tours. I hope to learn even more in my next steps.

Dafni Theodorou

I am Dafni Theodorou, an undergraduate student of Management Science and Technology at Athens University of Economics and Business. I have a great interest in the digital world and learning new technologies.  My internship at Clio Muse Tours allowed me to learn how a start-up company works through the agile methodology. The team always helped me and led me through the difficulties I could have encountered.

I made research about Business Intelligence & Data Warehouses and their importance to start-ups,
as well as compared BI providers to find which solutions best fit the organization. I used technologies like Pandas, Luigi, SQL, and Power BI.

It was a learning experience that taught me what one may face and cope with in a working environment!

Emeline Julisson

My name is Emeline Julisson, I am 19 years old and I am originally from Martinique, a Caribbean island and overseas region of France. I am currently a second-year student at the School of Management and Commerce of Martinique and I am studying for my Higher Diploma in Marketing, Commerce, and Management. I love sports, traveling, cooking and marketing/commerce, and I hope to work in this field later, as a marketing manager or brand manager.

I have the chance to do my international internship of 4 months at Clio Muse Tours to improve my English and perfect my marketing skills while discovering the fabulous city of Athens and its culture.

Labrini Batagianni

I chose to do my internship at Clio Muse, as I found its activity and portfolio pretty interesting. In this period, I learned a lot about Laravel, Laracast, API Documentation, and worked in an open and friendly environment. The team was willing to help and guide me, and I had the chance to encounter some great companions and professionals.
I highly recommend it!


Argiro Marioli

Nikos Karatzas

Kerra Markham

My name is Kerra Markham. I am currently a sophomore at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, United States of America. I am studying to get my degree in Art Therapy. I plan to help people with trauma or emotional issues and use art to help them communicate. I enjoy writing poetry, singing, exploring nature, and drawing and creating art. I am very excited to be working internationally with Clio Muse and to have this opportunity.

Anni Xie

Fotis Sotiropoulos

Kelli Vanderventer

Kevin Varela