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Yiannis Nikolopoulos

With a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yiannis has the role of Clio Muse Tours’ CEO, overseeing and orchestrating the workflow of the IT department. Expert in agile methodology and with strong communication and organizational skills, on a daily basis, Yiannis gathers specs from his co-founders, dept heads, and customers and translates them into deliverables for the whole team. He has co-founded Orange Grove Patras and still volunteers as the Vice President of this international startup incubator mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Despite his busy schedule, Yiannis also finds time to indulge in his personal interests and hobbies, including the joy of reading books, exploring the world’s great museums, and honing his musical talents by playing the accordion. And when the opportunity arises, he relishes in the freedom of free camping, immersing himself in nature’s beauty and basking in the simplicity and tranquility of the great outdoors.

Daphne Tsevreni (she/her)

Clio Muse co-founder and CRO Daphne leads the Sales and Finance Departments. Her career in finance started at the Athens Stock Exchange and, after that, at Vega Finance, an innovative financial advisory boutique. At Clio Muse Tours, she draws the company’s financial plans, builds a network in the tourism industry, and maintains relationships with global travel companies. Above all, she enjoys pitching for Clio Muse Tours at international conferences and seminars. Daphne holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Andreas Fatouros

Andreas is our co-founder and CPO. As a conservator of works of art with past work experience in museums in Greece & Italy, he helped us penetrate the tourism & culture industries. He has played a significant part in developing Clio Muse’s storytelling methodology. Daily, he determines product strategies and is the overseer of all matters related to them. Suggest new products and analyze the statistics and performance.