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Amigo Tours

Amigo Tours specializes in providing services to the main online travel agencies and wholesale travel agencies around the world. Some of their most popular activities are devoted to visiting the most iconic spots that characterize major cities worldwide.

Vivre Athènes

Two French women living in Athens decided to create a website VivreAthè, which would allow them to share the authentic version of Greece and Athens that they love. They put these tours together as a way to experience the city, and the country.

Walks-City Experiences

Walks began life as the passion project of two guys with one simple mission: To share their love for, and knowledge of, the city of Rome. Since then, Walks has grown into a team of over 100 ground staff and at any time up to 600 guides, operating across 13 of the world’s most exciting cities.

Discover Greece is the online consumer platform of Marketing Greece. It promotes the full breadth of the Greek tourism product through high-quality experiential content (stories, photographs, videos etc), running campaigns and engaging with an ever-growing audience in seven languages.

Marketing Greece is the collaboration of private-sector tourism to promote Greece as a modern and enticing tourism destination. It is a non-profit initiative of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

Off Stream

Industrial Gas Museum, Technopolis City of Athens

The Industrial Gas Museum launched in 2013 aiming to showcase and protect the old Athens Gasworks, a unique historical site of great industrial heritage, which provided the city with energy and lighting for 130 years.

Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina

The Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina is a Legal Entity of Public Law of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs. The library catalog includes manuscripts (10/11th – 19th century) and approximately 300,000 bibliographic items, including more than 35,000 post-incunables. The publications funded by the Zosimas brothers and the Epirote printing houses of Glykis and Theodosiou in Venice stand out.

Greek Consulate General of Munich


One of Europe’s largest and most modern aquariums, CretAquarium was founded and operated as part of the HCMR.

Cultural Association for Art & Nature ” NARTURA”

As a cultural organization, Nartura strives to achieve one of its core objectives: to promote a profound sense of awareness and appreciation for the delicate balance and harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature through the medium of art.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands works closely with Greek partners in government, business, and society, to make the political, economic, and cultural ties between our countries even stronger.


The Goethe-Institut is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany and is based in Munich. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation.