Thiseio: Counting stars on Athens’ Western Hills

Athens, Greece

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The tour is an exploration of the Western Hills of Athens and the scenic neighbourhood of Theseio. It will take you on a journey from ancient Greek myth to the birth of astronomical observation in modern Greece. You will be inspired to look up at the sky, re-enchanted by the wonders of the shimmering, expansive cosmos of which we are a part.


  • The Hill of the Muses

    1. The Hill of the Muses

    The moment you encounter the Heroon of Musaeus and the funerary monument of Philopappos, you instantly notice the way they are nested in the landscape. The sky seems closer and the view is simply breathtaking.
  • The Doridis’ Telescope

    2. The Doridis’ Telescope

    In close proximity to Meton’s observatory stands the Doridis’ telescope. Here, modern astronomy meets the ancient Greek stargazers. Let’s find out about their connection with the stars and other celestial objects.
  • National Observatory of Athens

    3. National Observatory of Athens

    The building crowning the hill is the Athens Observatory. Time to take yet another leap into the more recent past and discover the exciting history of the first scientific research institute in modern Greece.

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Paschalia Mitskidou

I am a historian from Athens with an MA in Creative Writing currently working as a freelance writer and editor. My PhD research concentrates on the representation of the past in immersive media.

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AddressIt is a 10 min walk from Theseio metro station to get to the entrance and then another 10-15 min walk up the Hill of the Muses to get to the first stop.
Starting pointThe sign indicating the entrance of the archaeological site of the Hill of the Muses (Philopappou), Pnyx Hill and the Hill of the Nymphs.
Finishing pointThe entrance of the Ancient Agora of Athens archaeological site (Adrianou Street)
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AreasTheseio and Monastiraki
Opening hoursThree Western Hills: Open 24 h. Athens Observatory: Mon.-Fri. 09.00-14.00. Evening guided tours also available upon appointment. Herakleidon Museum: Mon.-Tue. 10.00-15.00, Wed.-Sun. 10.00-18.00. Ancient Agora of Athens: Open daily 08.00-16.00
Recommended visiting hours10.00-15.00, weekdays preferably
Additional admissionThree Western Hills: No entrance fee National Observatory of Athens: 5 Euros Temple of Hephaestus: 8 Euros (for the Ancient Agora of Athens and the museum) Herakleidon Museum: 7 Euros (for both buildings)
Mandatory ItemsCharged Smartphone, Headphones, Comfortable shoes
Directions to Starting PointFrom Theseio metro station you walk along Apostolou Pavlou Street until you get to the point where it meets Dionysiou Areopagitou. Right there is the entrance of the archaeological site of the three hills which is indicated by a sign.

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