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“Insider’s Plaka: the essentials” provides all the information you need to explore the most picturesque neighbourhood of Athens. The Monument of Lysicrates is the only classical choragic monument still standing, a one-of-a-kind remnant from the glory days of ancient Greek drama. A little down the street you will discover the intricacies and charming atmosphere of the traditional Athenian house, with its unique blend of Ottoman and neoclassical features.

The church of Saint Nicholas Ragavas is a Byzantine jewel and commemorates the time when Athens provided brides from the emperors of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople. The Tower of General Church is the only Ottoman tower house preserved in Athens. Shortly after the house of General Church, you will see the Benizelos mansion, the city’s oldest house whose facade is hidden behind a tall wall. The Kleanthes Mansion became the first university of Athens, while the Bath of Kyrristou Street is a wonderful and recently renovated in all its past splendour Ottoman hammam.

The Roman Forum was for centuries the city’s commercial centre, as the Wheat Market, the heart of Ottoman Athens, was also here. Here you can see the Tower of the Winds, the Madrasa and the Fethiye mosque. Nearby Monastiraki is a vibrant square with a lost church perched on an ancient monument, a cursed mosque, a buried river and a great monastery that shrank. Finally, Saint Eleousa and Assizes gives us the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood of Psyrri.


  • Monument of Lysicrates

    1. Monument of Lysicrates

    In Lysikratous Square is the Monument of Lysicrates. It is one of the most famous ancient monuments of Athens, with a very interesting recent history, which inspired architects around the world.
  • The Athenian house over the centuries

    2. The Athenian house over the centuries

    There are three very important houses in Tripodon Street. Here you will see the link between ancient, medieval and modern Athens. In addition, behind their façades are hidden impressive finds.
  • Tower of General Church

    3. Tower of General Church

    In older times of insecurity, the houses were like fortresses, as attacks from invaders were not infrequent. The last tower left in Athens since then is the residence of the British General Church.

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AddressSellei & Lisikratous, Athens
Starting pointChoragic Monument of Lysicrates
Finishing pointAgias Eleousis 4, Athina
AreasPlaka, Monastiraki Square
Opening hoursSaint Nicholas Ragava: 08.30-15.00 | Benizelos mansion: Tue-Thu:10.00-13.00 Sun: 11.00-16.00 | Kleanthes house: Mon-Fri: 09.00-16.00, Sat-Sun: Closed | Bath of Kyrristou Street: Mon, Wed-Sat: 08.00-15.00, Sun: Closed | Roman Forum: Mon-Fri 08.00-15.00, Sat-Sun: 08.00-17.00 | Library of Hadrian: Mon-Sun 08.00-15.00 | Μosque of Tzistarakis: temporarily closed | Urban Rail Transport - Stations Monastirakit - Eridanus river: 5.00-00.00 | Church of the Pantanassa: Mon-Sun: 08.30-15.00 | Saint Eleousa and Assizes: Mon-Fri: 9.00-17.00.
Additional admissionSaint Nicholas Ragava: Free | Benizelos mansion: Free | Kleanthes house: General admission: 2€ | Bath of Kyrristou Street: General admission: 2€ | Roman Forum: General admission: 6€ | Library of Hadrian: General admission: 4€ | Urban Rail Transport - Stations Monastirakit - Eridanus river: Transport tiket: 1,40 | Church of the Pantanassa: Free | Saint Eleousa and Assizes: Free.


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