Delphi Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour: The Google of The Ancient world

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Discover the secrets of Delphi, the center of the ancient world, with a self-guided audio tour on your phone.  

Before entering the site, you’ll quench your thirst in the Castalian Spring. There, you’ll learn about the adventures of  Apollo, the founder of the sanctuary. What terrible crime had he committed seeking to purify himself here? Time to continue to the Roman Agora! The ruins of ancient shops reveal how thousands of years before you hopped that bus to Parnassus, Delphi had been a bustling attraction! The votive offerings, lush memorials and the treasures that men of proverbial wealth left behind them will haunt your imagination. Admiring in peace the imposing beauty of the Treasury of the Athenians, you’ll discover that, after all, our forefathers weren’t so different from us now. Man’s desire for power and knowledge has long been the linchpin of societies! Of course, the highlight of your stroll will be the Temple of Apollo. It will cast its spell on you with all the mysterious legends surrounding its existence! 

Follow in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims journeying to seek wisdom from the database of the then known world with an immersive audio tour. 



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Masters and slaves

60% of the more than 800 manumission inscriptions concern female slaves. This is a typical one: “When Kleon was archon, in the month of Poitropios, Theodora daughter of Polyon...sold to Pythian Apollo a homebred female slave whose name is Damarchis, for the price of four minas of silver... Damarchis shall remain with Theodora for as long as Theodora lives, doing everything possible that she is told to do. Whatever Damarchis acquires while she is staying with Theodora shall belong to Damarchis. Similarly, if Damarchis has any offspring while Theodora is alive and she is staying with Theodora, the offspring shall be free and unseizable by anyone for all their life, in the same way as Damarchis, both if she has one child and if she has several children".


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  • Entrance fee to the Archaeological Site of Delphi
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  • Please wear sunscreen and a hat during the hot summer months
  • Visitors are advised to wear sturdy shoes
  • Delphi stadium is currently inaccessible due to restoration works
  • Ensure that your smartphone is fully charged prior to your visit and you have a pair of earphones/headphones

Delphi archaeological site, Amfissa

Opening hours:
10Apr – 31Oct Mon-Sun, 08:00-20:00
01Nov – 09Apr Mon-Sun, 09:00-16:00

Charged Android / iOS smartphone & headphones


4.67 / 5

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    Interesting to take the guide on the mobile, there are only some signs.

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    The guide was easy to use and helped us enjoy the sight.

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    Great thing, replacing every live guide. We had booked this as a family, the youngest could listen to the stories with the smartphone, very funny and informative. So everyone can pick out a little of what interests him or her.

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