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Delphi, Greece

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Delphi: the Google of the ancient world tracks the footprints of ancient tourist guides and transforms the sanctuary of Apollo into a spectacular life experience. Millennia before Google appeared, this was the place where mortals could receive answers to their pressing questions. The tour highlights the unknown aspects of Delphi and uncovers the lives of the people who came here in search of guidance or simply as tourists.

This tour will take you past the information available on traditional guides or information panels. It begins at the Kastalia spring with the myths associated with the efforts of Apollo to establish his oracle (treacherous nymphs and bloodthirsty dragons be damned) and proceeds through the Roman Agora to explore the site as THE tourist attraction of the ancient world.

The souvenirs and the statues are gone but the stories about Apollo as supreme fisherman or the struggle of the Athenians and the Spartans to outdo each other in bluster and bombast haunts the remains of the votive offerings.

The Sacred Way will take you past the Treasury of the Siphnians (the original Lannisters) and the Rock of the sibyl who raved relentlessly for centuries. As you approach the Temple of Apollo you can marvel at the hundreds of bills of slave sales on the Polygonal Wall (one of them allows a mother to either raise her child or kill it). The Theater offers an incomparable view and an opportunity to discuss the merits of diarrhoea as an offensive weapon in war.


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    A lot has changed since the founding of the Oracle more than 2500 years ago. The illustrious monuments are gone and so are the old gods. Only one thing remains the same; the crowds of tourists attracted to this site.
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    Upon entering the sacred enclosure, the visitor’s senses were attacked by commercials: masterpieces of ancient art filled the space and proclaimed the wealth and fame of Greek city-states.
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    Asking Apollo a question was a complicated business, requiring patience, cunning, money, and the willing contribution of a goat. Being generous towards the god and his priests could serve you well in the long run.

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