Christmas Combo: Acropolis & Olympieion Audio Tours & Athens Festive Guide

Athens, Greece

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Let the Christmas spirit ring with a very special holiday season combo. Two fascinating self-guided tours to accompany you on your visit to the two most illustrious ancient sites of Athens, the world-famous Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. And there’s more – a festive guide with the most helpful information about things to do and get into the Christmas mood in Athens. Please kindly note that entry tickets to the archaeological sites are not included.


  • Acropolis Classic

    1. Acropolis Classic

    The “Acropolis Classic” tour blends history, art, and anecdotal stories from the daily lives of the great minds, who immortalized their culture in the architectural masterpieces built high on the sacred rock.
  • The great debt: the Olympieion, Athens

    2. The great debt: the Olympieion, Athens

    “The great debt: the Olympieion, Athens” is a tour inundated in myths and stories about the great tyrants, kings, emperors, and architects that struggled for six centuries to complete one of the largest temples ever built in ancient Greece.
  • Christmassy Athens

    3. Christmassy Athens

    Christmassy Athens is a feast for the eyes!  Our winters are mild and the weather is ideal for long leisurely walks outdoors. Experience Athens in all its twinkling, fairy-light embellished charm and find the best jingle-bell spots and activities.  

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This is a self-guided tour based on the award-winning storytelling concept developed by Clio Muse and the fascinating narratives prepared by our handpicked destination experts.

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