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The Perfect Halloween Day in Athens

The Perfect Halloween Day in Athens

Undoubtfully Halloween has become an excuse to cheer up in the heart of October! Even if in Greece, we more accustomed to dressing up for Carnival in the spring, Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular celebration in the latest years.

As it always fascinates me to know the stories behind things, I’ve learned that the word Halloween comes from the words “All-hallow-even” meaning the eve of the «All Hallows’ Day» or All Saints’ Day, which is on the 1st of November. While Halloween celebration is directly linked to supernatural activity and communication with the dead, it has its roots in the pagan celebration of Samhain or Samuin. It was originally celebrated by the Celts in Ireland and England in the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.

Are you planning to be in Athens on October the 31? Then you have to cheer up and celebrate! And we’re here to help with some propositions for a perfect Halloween day!

Enjoy a Self-guided tour on the Neo-gothic Athens

There is no better day to get to know the most mysterious and slightly spooky corners of Athens with an audio tour! Start your journey from The Duchess Mansion at Ilisia where in 1847, an unexpected fire broke out, incinerated and destroyed the house along with its stories. Explore the Anglican Church, the Neo-Romanesque church in Metaxourgeio, the Mavromihalis’ Tower and conclude your tour at the Patission Tower which is abandoned for more than a decade. People have created legends about witches and spirits living in the tower which is now home of the neighborhood’s cats!

Drink your Coffee at Little Kook

Little Kook is certainly a must-visit place, the Halloween day. Enjoy a coffee or tea at the “alley of the witches” or at “the witches’ tea & coffee room” along with spider webs, floating heads, and giant bugs, with special dark and themed desserts on offer.

Join the Best Halloween Parties

The perfect way to conclude the day in one of the best parties in town. Six dogs was the first bar in Athens that hosted a Halloween party in 2012 and since then nothing is the same! This year, we’ll enjoy “Spooktacular Halloween Night #7”  with tricks and treats such as  Best Costume Contest, Spooky Clown Show, Horror Photo Booth and Special Halloween Cocktail at 5€ and free entrance.

Another interesting party will take place in the same area at Romantso named “Twin Peaks Halloween Party”. We will travel back in 1989 in a red room to investigate who killed Laura Palmer along with Djs sets!

Wish you an extra scary and extra spooky Halloween Day, as we all deserve! Cheer up and carve some pumpkins!

Tip:  And if you’re craving for more, on Saturday the 3rd of November, Hilton Athens Hotel is organising an after Halloween party at Galaxy bar. Put your Halloween costume on and head to the rooftop! Anyone who got dressed up gets a free welcome shot, and the guest with the best costume will win a night in one of the hotel’s executive rooms win Acropolis view! Don’t miss it.